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Southwest Airlines meltdown: Travel trouble continue with reduced schedule

About 80% of Southwest flights on Tuesday were canceled at Philadelphia International Airport, according to Flight Aware.

The ticketing counter was fairly quiet, with the exception of a few passengers who thought their flight was about to take off but it didn’t.

“I was checking my phone to see if my flight had been cancelled, but there was no notification or update, so I found out when I was about to leave,” said Evelyn Campbell. rice field. of Chicago.

An airport spokesperson said all flight issues would be handled directly by the airline, but things could get back on track later this week as other airports affected by the severe weather resumed operations. I added that I should return to.

“It looks better today than it did last weekend and weekend. If the weather improves, I think it will improve over the weekend and into the weekend. Affairs Manager, Philadelphia International Airport.

The Greg family eventually rebooked on another airline and made it to their destination.

“To be honest, the only one that seems to be canceling flights is Southwest,” said John Gregg, who had just arrived in Philadelphia from Tampa Bay, Florida.

“Honestly, I never want to fly again,” said Greg.

Waiting to pick up luggage after flight cancellation at Southwest Airlines Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, Monday, December 26, 2022. (AP Photo/Eugene Garcia)

President Joe Biden tweeted Tuesday that his administration is working with the Department of Transportation to hold airlines accountable.

In response to an inquiry from Action News, a Southwest spokesperson advised people to submit receipts for canceled flights to consider refunds.

Passengers say they have no answer.

“It’s been nothing but a nightmare. We’ve been here since Christmas Eve because we had so many bags and they said, ‘Your bags go to your destination,'” said William of Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Kennedy said

The Kennedys were scheduled to return to Philadelphia on Christmas Eve. Their bag made it, it didn’t.

“It was bad enough being in Orlando and having to get a hotel, buy clothes, food, etc. But luckily I had the means to do it,” Kennedy explained.

The Kennedys were scheduled to return to Philadelphia on Christmas Eve, but Katherine Tyro and her husband were scheduled to fly out of Philadelphia.Three days later, they’re still here.

“My flight has already been canceled and my ticket has been canceled twice. said,” said Tairo.

She and her husband called Southwest, but no one picked up, she said.

This is a complaint shared by many passengers.

“We can’t do anything.

It was a miracle for one flight arriving southwest from Orlando.

“They said that of all the flights departing from the South West, this was the only one that actually took off on time and on schedule,” said Sherrill Gundersen of the King of Prussia. Told.