Smart Itineraries Taking Travel Experience to Next Level

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Innovation in the travel and tourism industry is on the rise, with many travel assistance tools and services, including smart itineraries, emerging to enhance the traveler experience. With increasing demand for personalized, accessible and convenient experiences, smart itineraries are enabling travel planning providers to take the travel experience to the next level.

GlobalData’s FutureTech series report, Personalization in Travel: The Smart Itinerary Planner, identifies a range of disruptive forces in travel and tourism as emerging, accelerating and maturing innovation areas based on innovation growth rates. I am emphasizing.

Rahul Kumar Singh, senior analyst for Disruptive Tech at GlobalData, commented: Travel planners are now focused on providing highly personalized services with solutions such as smart itinerary planners powered by advanced data analytics. ”

As the use of smart travel planning apps grows, many travel organizations will focus on developing new apps and integrating platforms. Aruba has launched its own travel planning and itinerary app, myAruba. This allows guests to find places to visit, experiences to try, and even places to eat.

In November 2022, US-based Direct Travel launched a beta for traveler itineraries in Microsoft Teams. This integration pulls itineraries out of the Direct2U mobile app and gives travelers and travel agents full access to trip details booked through Direct Travel, including flight status updates. , weather forecasts, itinerary reminders and destination information.

Major players in the travel and tourism industry are not only introducing new features to their products, but also looking to future innovations. Airbnb has launched a collaborative feature for co-travelers to design itineraries and travel planning activities. The company also patented a computerized calendar system that automatically determines the availability of event invitees and creates multiple instances of scheduled events based on individual availability.

Uber is also developing a new travel feature, allowing passengers to book airport transfers and schedule trips up to 30 days in advance, allowing riders to see all aspects of their trip, including flights, hotels and rides, all in one place. I made it possible. The company also received a patent outlining how to dynamically generate a user’s itinerary based on meeting one or more criteria.

Singh concludes: But given the vast amount of data generated in the travel and tourism industry, from transactions to searches to site interactions, trip planners and travel agents need access to high-quality data to power smart travel planners. We need to find ways to take advantage of increased usage. ”

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