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SLO Airport travel scene is calm, but plane ticket prices are going up

The San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport is a very different scene than the chaos you see at major airports across the country.

There were no queues at the airport on Wednesday, and arrivals and departures signs showed only one canceled flight from San Luis Obispo to Denver.

Passengers told KSBY News that they were relieved to get in and out of San Luis Obispo airport easily.

However, online, prices for flights from San Luis Obispo have increased.

For example, on Kayak’s website, a flight from San Luis Obispo to San Diego on December 30, 2023 costs about $600 to $2,500.

Another popular site is Expedia, which shows prices for a flight from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles on the same day range from $439 to $1,300.

Shelley Goforth was at the San Luis Obispo airport on Wednesday and had to rebook after her flight was canceled on Christmas Eve due to mechanical problems.

“Here at this airport in San Luis, everyone was working hard to rebook,” said Gofors. “We took a good loss. We were first class, but when we rebooked, they ran out of first class seats. It cost a lot.”

Debrah Delcoure said her partner is experiencing a travel nightmare unable to leave Mexico. She said she would have to find a completely different itinerary and she noticed the price increase.

“I had to buy a completely new ticket from a different airline because it was scheduled on Volaris, but it was just canceled,” said Delcoure.

The parking lot at SLO Airport was fairly full on Wednesday, so we recommend arriving at least 2 hours in advance to secure a spot, or consider using a rideshare service if traveling this weekend .