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Six Historic Inns of the Oregon Coast With a Strong Time Travel Vibe

6 Historic Inns on the Oregon Coast With a Time Travel Atmosphere

Published on 01/02/23 11:09 PM
By the staff of Oregon Coast Beach Connection

6 Historic Inns on the Oregon Coast With a Time Travel Atmosphere

(Oregon Coast) – Time travel is possible on the Oregon Coast. Well, it’s nothing like what you see in LOST, the Time Tunnel, or Star Trek IV (and who’s that Klingon ship lying around anyway?), but here are a few places to spend the night that you It feels like you’ve stepped back in time. There are even die-hard followers of such places for the old Americana of “Motor Lodge” and its powerful nostalgia.

It’s an interesting story of how actual accommodations on the Oregon coast came to be, including the evolution from motor lodges to hotels, motels and vacation rentals. At these spots along the northern half of the coast, you can really bring it to life, some more than 100 years old.

Bed and Breakfast in Clementine – Astoria. What do you think this town, which is not only the oldest town on the Oregon coast but also the oldest settlement west of the Rocky Mountains, has? Finding some of the oldest buildings in the entire state. I can. Historic Moose Lodge Vacation Rentals has some very charming old-fashioned homes and living spaces. One is from 1852.

All four vacation rentals are actually in one large mansion. The hardwood floors and their architectural lines reflect the past, but the bright décor and skylights bring the modern day. It is also pet friendly. Then all of this under his 1888 Clementines Bed and Breakfast umbrella, with two stunning Victorian mansions side by side. 847 Exchange Street. Astoria, Oregon. 503-325-2005. website.

Gilbert Inn, Seaside. The 19th century was just coming out of the Victorian era, but Oregon was still largely a “pioneer” with few sophisticated bargains and no vast areas of civilization. The small town that would become Seaside was just beginning in the early 1880s when a French immigrant named Alexandre Gilbert built a small hut here and became one of Seaside’s founders.

In fact, the Gilbert district is named after him.

He continued to add structures in 1892, becoming the Victorian mansion now known as the Gilbert Inn. Further additions over the centuries, serving different purposes over the decades, eventually he became an inn by the 1990s, with additional rooms.

To this day, much of this Oregon coast elder forest remains with remnants of the region’s past. The foundation is still largely composed of river rock from the Columbia River. 341 Beach Drive. Seaside, Oregon. (503) 738-4142. Gilbert Inn website.

Ocean front cabin, ocean side. There’s a ton of history here: indeed, if these 100-year-old walls could talk.

The building has been there since the 1920s when the small village was founded in 1922. The Rosenberg brothers were also known for blowing up the Maxwell Point hole. The outside still looks like an old beach cabin, giving off an old Oregon coast vibe that inspires charm and interest. This place screams past, especially with lots of antique-style trimmings and lines on the inside of each room.

Each has expansive views of the ocean and full front seating to the famous Three Arch Rock. 1610 Pacific Avenue NW, Oceanside. (503) 842-6081. Oceanfront cabin website.

Whistling Winds Motel, Lincoln City. Another remnant of his old Oregon Coast motor lodge aesthetic, Whistling Winds began life as a set of cottages in the 1920s. Not all are the same wood and materials as before, but the inexpensive little charmers are clad in beautiful polished wood, giving them a true time travel feel. It derives from the small tower at the top where the coastal winds made quite a noise in the 19th century.

Motor lodges like this are very popular with travelers who sometimes go out of their way to visit these quaint living examples. 866-384-9346 3264 NW Jetty Ave, Lincoln City, Oregon.

Esther Lee Motel, Lincoln City. Today, it has become famous as a historical ryokan and has become a legend. Part of it is now 100 years old, as the building actually began in 1920 as a small cabin overlooking the waves. Over time, various owners added more and some of the buildings next door were bought out and added to the oceanfront complex. was. Hence the name Ester Lee.

Originally, it was used as a housing complex, but with each extension, it changed into a full-fledged accommodation facility.

Owner Mark Baete says he discovered a host of ancient wiring dating back decades, primitive to say the least, when he did a remodel on one section of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection. rice field. 3803 SW Highway. 101, Lincoln City, Oregon. 541-996-3606.

Agate Beach Motel, Newport. Another of the famous old motor lodges, this inn shares its name with another historic hotel that once stood there more than 100 years ago. The Agate Beach Motel was built in his 1940s after the original nearby hotel burned down. But this was also around the time that the famous composer Ernest Bloch lived in the neighborhood. 175 NW Gilbert Way. Newport, Oregon. 541-265-8746.