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Sangita Patel details 13-hour ‘last-minute’ travel day with daughters Ava and Shyla

Sangita Patel is escaping a cold Canadian winter with her daughters. (Photo via Instagram/@sangita.patel)

Sangita Patel is back for another tropical vacation.

On Wednesday, the 43-year-old took to Instagram to share a sun-kissed photo of herself rocking a black bikini while posing with her two daughters, Ava and Shayla, on the beach. In the post, Patel also included some past photos of herself enjoying tropical vacations with her children over the years.

The “ET Canada” host explained to her more than 152,000 followers that her family decided to take an unexpected leave of absence, which unfortunately wasn’t possible without a few obstacles.

“Bum, we made it,” the Toronto-born TV personality wrote in her caption. It turned out to be time travel.”

Patel’s travel day didn’t go as smoothly as she expected, but it was worth the effort.

“Through it all, we laughed, made new friends in dire circumstances, and one checked-in luggage is still missing. faced,” Patel wrote.

“I’m growing up too fast. As for me, I’m a happier line and officially a short person.”

In the comments, fans praised Patel for taking his family on vacation.

“They are so grown up! Supermodels,” wrote Ottawa-born “NBC” host Arya Jasmine.

“So cute!” commented one Instagram user, while another commented, “Enjoy every moment. They’re growing too fast!”

“Like three sisters!” someone else called out.

One wrote:

“Adorable,” added another. “Wow, traveling is so crazy these days, but it’s worth it! Have fun.”

A fan commented, “Make fun memories.”

Last month, the Canadian TV personality took a vacation to Mexico with her husband, Samir Patel, and shared the footage on her Instagram reel, performing a “wonderful” fitness challenge on the beach.

The video began with another couple completing a challenge, which was then followed by Patels taking on the challenge himself.

As Sangita tried to jump onto her husband’s shoulder, the on-screen text read, “We got this.”

“I was shocked,” she added.

“Yeah, I couldn’t go home without a beach challenge,” she captioned the post before thanking her fans for sending in challenges. Laughed”

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