Roads closed, dangerous wind chills, travel conditions continue

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Strong winds are blowing snow around the area, greatly reducing visibility, no travel advisories, road closures, and dangerously cold winds.

The blizzard warning is in effect today until it ends at 6:00 AM Saturday. The wind chill warning is also in effect today and ends at 12:00 pm on Saturday.

Winds are expected to be stronger today than Thursday, with occasional winds up to 30 mph and gusts reaching up to 50 mph. This means that dangerously cold wind chill values ​​and potentially life-threatening travel conditions can still be expected. Due to yesterday’s situation, many roads in the area have already been closed. Other roads range from no travel advisory to completely snow covered. Even if the road appears clear or the lanes are relatively clear, it is not necessarily dry or icy. Due to the extremely powdery snow, high winds, low temperatures and severe wind chill, the snow acts like ice on the road. , recommends extreme caution on all roads. The temperature is below zero all day long, with a maximum temperature of around -4°C. Due to the strong winds in the area, dangerously cold winds between -35 and -45 degrees will continue. This means that frostbite and hypothermia can begin to occur within just 10 minutes. Winds stay strong all night, up to 30 mph, and gusts of up to 45 mph are possible. Temperatures will drop to around -10C by Saturday morning, with wind chill values ​​ranging from -35C to -45C.

The blizzard warning is expected to end Saturday morning, and the storm warning is expected to end around noon. The blizzard warning is lifted in the morning, but winds are still strong, up to 20 mph, and gusts of up to 35 mph are possible. This means that blizzards, treacherous travel conditions, reduced visibility and severe wind chill are still to be expected in the region. This means roads may still remain closed, travel advisories may not take effect in some areas, and others may be partially or completely covered in snow. condition may persist. It is recommended to check the road and driving conditions before going out. It’s also important to plan some routes in case you come across roads that may be closed due to conditions. Temperatures are expected to hover around -1°C in the afternoon, with clear skies during the day. Winds will pick up light breezes into the night, with temperatures dropping to around -11 degrees Celsius by Sunday morning. Prepare something warm for Santa and his reindeer!

Sunday will be sunny in the morning, beginning in the early afternoon before the sky overcasts. Winds are occasionally up to 15 mph, and in some areas much weaker to 10 mph. Temperatures will be slightly warmer, with highs above zero and around 5 degrees. Clouds will enter in the afternoon hours before the light snow falls. Snow will begin falling in the mid-to-late afternoon and will continue overnight until Monday morning when temperatures drop to around zero degrees.

Next week will be a break from these brutal temperatures and dangerously cold wind chill. After the snow settles in the morning, temperatures will be in the single digits by Monday afternoon. Will be minus one more night on Monday night. Most of next week will be teetering between partly cloudy and mostly cloudy. As temperatures start to climb into the low to mid-30s by mid-next week, look to the next possibility of winter weather, from a mix of rain and snow on Thursday and Friday to the possibility of snow over New Year’s weekend. I’m here.

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