Report: US Considers China Travel Restrictions

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Old is New — Could Some US Travel Restrictions Return in Early 2023?

White House considers travel restrictions to China

China is shifting its response to the novel coronavirus from ‘zero tolerance’ to ‘let’s rip it’, representing a major policy change. China will reopen its borders from her January 8, 2023, eliminating the notion of having to quarantine for international travel. This means that international travel will become practical again for Chinese people.

In response, Bloomberg reports that the Biden administration is considering the idea of ​​adding new travel restrictions for visitors from China. No final decisions have been made, but the concept of on-arrival testing and additional tracking is said to be under consideration, according to two U.S. officials. , applies to everyone coming from China. Such “travel bans” are not considered.

The concern is that China is not transparently reporting data on the pandemic. This includes the viral genome sequence data necessary to assess variant spread and identity.

We have already seen other countries, such as India, Japan and Malaysia, impose restrictions on travelers from China.

A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry has accused Western media of defaming China’s coronavirus efforts, downplaying China’s epidemiological situation. The spokesperson said that countries should “work together to fight the epidemic in a scientific manner, work together to ensure safe travel between countries, maintain the stability of the global industrial and supply chains, and ensure the healthy growth of the global economy.” The situation in China was “generally within expectations and under control.”

Three years after the pandemic, it’s interesting to see China’s sudden interest in restoring “healthy global growth.”

Travelers from China may face further restrictions

My view on possible travel restrictions to China

Admittedly, there is no perfect pandemic response approach. It’s a little strange to see countries that no longer consider the pandemic a public health emergency but are still adding restrictions when others choose to relax them.

On the one hand, China’s borders have been closed for nearly three years. The country uses ineffective vaccines and the population has very low immunity. And it could lead to outbreaks like you’ve never seen before.

In addition, there are many unknowns regarding the epidemiological situation in China. It is understandable that other countries may be skeptical, as governments have not been exactly transparent about the reality of the pandemic.

On the one hand, I think we’ve largely learned that mild travel restrictions won’t do much to stop the spread of coronavirus. Still, it only works for very long.

Currently, the main coronavirus outbreak in China is believed to be a derivative of the existing Omicron subspecies, which is highly contagious but not as lethal as some subspecies seen in the past. I’m here. At least that’s what we believe, but no one knows what the reality is.

Personally, I think it’s possible that the United States will add pre-travel inspection requirements for travelers from China, but I think it’s unlikely. I haven’t been able to organize enough to do tests and monitor my actual health.

I don’t know yet if new limits will be added


The White House is said to be considering new travel restrictions for travelers from China. This is because China has changed its response to the pandemic and is opening its borders without requiring any quarantines for travel.

The US may add some testing or health surveillance requirements. Personally, I think this is unlikely to happen, but it could certainly be wrong.

Do you think we will see the US add travel restrictions to China?

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