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RateGain Acquires Adara to Build the Most Comprehensive Travel-Intent Platform

India-based travel tech company RateGain Travel Technologies announced Tuesday that it will acquire Adara, a Silicon Valley-based company in the field of predictive consumer intelligence.

Through this acquisition, RateGain aims to build the most comprehensive travel objectives and data platform powered by artificial intelligence, the company said in a statement.

The company has not disclosed details of the acquisition, which will come through an asset purchase agreement, but RateGain said in its last earnings call that it would allocate about $10 million to mergers and acquisitions.

Adara is a global leader in helping consumer brands find new customers using advanced precision targeting technology powered by big data powered by the world’s leading travel and hospitality companies.

The acquisition also helps RateGain strengthen and consolidate its position across the commercial teams of the major hotel chains, airlines and car rental companies that work with both Adara and RateGain, with more than 50 destination marketing organizations in the United States. provides access to niche segments of

“Together, Adara and RateGain process over 200 billion availability, rate and inventory updates, manage nearly 30 billion data points, and work with over 700 partners in over 100 countries to deliver industry-leading It will be the most comprehensive travel intent platform, providing a single source of information to understand, target and transform intent,” read RateGain’s statement.

Digital channels play a key role in influencing travel decisions as travelers increasingly turn to digital channels for inspiration, research, booking and engagement.

According to RateGain, platforms like this help businesses adapt to changing guest expectations.

The travel technology company called customer acquisition an expensive proposition and said traditional digital advertising media had become highly competitive. Therefore, it’s important for marketers and sales teams to pinpoint intent and consider how to target the right audience and increase their return on investment.

Bhanu Chopra, Chairman and Founder of RateGain, emphasized that Adara has access to sanctioned travel intent data from top travel and hospitality companies and destination marketing organizations. Time Pricing Insights makes it easier to identify, acquire, and retain guests. ”

With rising costs and the need for more unique experiences, travelers want to try different brands that can offer more value through personalized experiences and offers, but today’s brands are There is limited visibility to the preferences of

Adara is RateGain’s fourth acquisition and the first after the company goes public in 2021.

The company finally acquired Germany-based hotel marketing technology vendor myhotelshop in September 2021.

RateGain also acquired Distribution Hospitality Intelligent Systems Co (DHISCO), a Dallas-based hotel distribution tech company, in 2018, and BCV, a Chicago-based social media management and strategy company, into in 2019. Sector-specific acquisitions.