Rain, fog to impact travel during final hours of 2022 in northeastern US

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New Year’s Eve weather in the eastern United States won’t be as wild as Christmas Eve, but warm storms will bring wet fog that could make for dangerous travel conditions, AccuWeather meteorologists warn.

“At this time of year, airflow over much of the eastern United States is coming from a completely different direction than it did last week,” said Bernie Reino, chief on-air meteorologist at AccuWeather. “Instead of frigid air coming from the Arctic, warm, moist air flows eastward from the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific through most of the rest of the country.”

Temperatures, especially AccuWeather RealFeel® temperatures, will be 50, 60 or even 70 degrees Fahrenheit higher this weekend compared to the sub-zero conditions over Christmas weekend.

That wind flow reversal, especially in the middle and upper atmosphere, will bring storms that are very different from the pre-Christmas megastorms.

One key difference is that the storm, which moves from the Gulf of Mexico to the northeastern states earlier this weekend, will bring severe winds, life-threatening cold temperatures, and snow over the Christmas weekend around the Great Lakes region. Instead, a calm air with clouds, rain and drizzle envelops the area.


Temperatures during the storm will be in the 40s and 50s in the northeast and in the 60s and 70s in parts of the southeast.

Mild air and rain instead of snow and bitter cold still lead to travel problems and other hazards, according to meteorologists.

AccuWeather meteorologists say poor visibility is likely the biggest impact this weekend’s trip will have on the weather. Heavy fog has recently caused multiple vehicle pileups in China.

Fog can occur whenever a stream of warm, moist air forms over a snowpack, cold ground, or cold water. However, many parameters will be met Saturday through Saturday night over parts of the Midwest, Central Appalachians, Mid-Atlantic, and New England regions.

Reino urged drivers to be extra cautious in the new year. “There will be a lot of fog around the northeast on Saturday night,” he said.

For airline passengers returning home or just beginning their vacation adventures, fog and low cloud ceilings from Saturday afternoon through Saturday night in places such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Delays and ground stops may occur at some major Northeast hub airports. , Pittsburgh, Boston.

A similar situation could occur further west with Atlanta’s massive airport hub, and perhaps with the busy airline hubs of Charlotte and Detroit for a while.

Ripple effects of fog in the east could cause airline delays and flight cancellations, possibly leading to massive storms along the Pacific coast targeting the San Francisco Bay Area, and south like Los Angeles and Seattle this weekend. far north. By early next week, the same storm is expected to spread snow across the region from the Rocky Mountains to the northern plains, with severe weather hazards in parts of the South-Central region.

Aside from heavy fog, another potential travel problem from this weekend’s eastern storms is rain. However, heavy rains can occur anywhere, but are most common in southern states where thunderstorms can occur.

Most of the storm rain in the Northeast will be light and nasty, but a couple of downpours are likely, especially for those waiting outside before the stroke of midnight in places like Times Square. I have.

The storm is not expected to cause major urban flooding, but it could pose some problems in the Northeast, where snow piles can block storm drains. Forecasters say ice jam flooding is also possible in some streams and rivers. A few days of frigid temperatures were just enough to cause significant amounts of ice to form in some waterways.

Due to the prolonged warm weather, the ice fishing window may close soon. As the current thaw continues into next week, ice formed on ponds and lakes in the area will thin rapidly and could break without notice this weekend. Parents are urged to warn their children not to step onto the ice as the situation is changing.

Weather forecasters say the weather will improve dramatically in much of the southeast on Saturday night and in the northeast on Sunday. Drivers in the eastern United States who hit the roads on New Year’s Day or Monday shouldn’t run into problems from Mother Nature.

Cold air won’t return quickly to the southern and eastern United States during January, but cold air can penetrate parts of the Midwest and Appalachian Mountains just enough for seasonal winter conditions. I have.

AccuWeather’s team of long-range meteorologists will be monitoring several storm tracks and cold air movements later next week through mid-January for possible snow.

At least in the second week of January, the weather could get progressively colder as the northwesterly airflow from central Canada resumes, displacing calm air from the Pacific and warm air from the Gulf. there is.

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