Post-Christmas travel plans going smoothly for most at San Luis Obispo Airport

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The flow of people in and out of the San Luis Obispo Regional Airport all day Monday was steady but not overwhelming.

But compared to the long lines, lost luggage and thousands of flight cancellations seen across the country last weekend, most travelers we spoke to said their post-Christmas flight plans were easy. I’m here.

“It looks pretty quiet. It’s not too busy,” said Ray Pucci, who drove the family, who were in town for the weekend, to the San Luis Obispo airport on Monday.

“I don’t think it’s too crazy. I can’t fly anymore, so I won’t be out here. But I think it’s normal,” Gloriann Liu said after a large crowd at the airport on Monday. I admit I was surprised they didn’t.

Liu was at the airport to see her granddaughter off when she returned to San Luis Obispo for Christmas.

“It was great. I haven’t seen my family in three years. This is the first time,” Liu said.

She says she got to the airport more than three hours before her granddaughter’s scheduled flight in anticipation of the holiday travel rush.

Other travelers we spoke to said they weren’t too worried about missing their flight.

Connor Hall, who was due to fly back to Boston after staying in San Luis Obispo last weekend, said Monday’s congestion at the San Luis Obispo airport was a nice change from what he experienced flying from the East Coast.

“You have to get there a couple of hours early,” Hall told KSBY.

Many people typically finish their vacation the day after Christmas, but those flying out of San Luis Obispo are just getting started.

Clay Dooley, who was traveling with his family at the San Luis Obispo airport on Monday, said, “We’re flying to Dallas, Texas. We usually try to fly when other people aren’t flying. increase.

Ray Pucci, meanwhile, added that most of the holiday traffic he saw was out.

“We came down from Reading a few days ago on Christmas Eve and had the most road traffic I’ve ever encountered,” Pucci said.

More than 6,000 flights were canceled nationwide between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, according to flight tracking website FlightAware. On Monday afternoon, the website announced that a further 3,600 domestic flights had been canceled and he had delayed another 5,000.

Officials at the San Luis Obispo airport did not respond to a request for comment on traffic flow during the holidays.

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