Our 40 favorite Oregon travel photos of 2022

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From majestic mountains to tranquil forests, Oregon’s beauty has many facets. This year we traveled through the state again to document its beauty as best we could.

These photos included a guide to the best beaches on the southern Oregon coast and an easy hike outside Portland. They were part of a tour of the mountain town of Joseph and the Applegate Valley wine region. .

What’s the big point?I have everytime Need to explore further.

Even if you feel like you’ve been anywhere in Oregon, you almost certainly have another new place to explore. Also, when the scenery changes due to the change of seasons or natural disasters, old places always look new. Our changing perspective also affects our experience of the place, allowing us to rediscover Oregon again and again.

These images celebrate the place we call home and we hope they inspire you to explore Oregon again next year. , here are our favorite shots of 2022, even if you want to soak it all up again.

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Upper Kentucky Falls flows into Kentucky Creek on a rainy winter day. The Kentucky Falls Trail leads to his three spectacular waterfalls near Mapleton on his range on the southern Oregon coast. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

in the landscape

On June 23, 2022, Oregon pianist Hunter Noack will perform an outdoor concert at Lake Wallowa. This lake was one of his several destinations in his series of “In a Landscape” concerts. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Multnomah Falls

Water erupts at Multnomah Falls on Saturday, January 8, 2022. Recent heavy snowmelt rains in the Pacific Northwest have caused widespread flooding, landslides and road closures. Portland alone saw more than four inches of precipitation Sunday through Friday.Mark Graves/Oregonian

Mushroom picking on the Oregon coast

A king bolete, or porcini mushroom, found on the trails of Fort Stephens State Park on Oregon’s northern coast. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Chehalem Ridge Nature Park

Hikers soak up the scenery at the main viewpoint of Chehalem Ridge Nature Park, a new hiking, mountain biking, and riding area in the Willamette Valley south of Hillsboro.Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Water tumbling over snow-covered rocks in the Deschutes River

Fresh snow covers Dillon Falls along the Deschutes River Trail in Bend on November 14, 2022.Jamie Hale / Oregonian

beach in winter

A colorful winter sunset is partially obscured by heavy clouds above a seaside beach on Oregon’s northern coast. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

doggy stick library

The “Doggy Stick Library” was built along the beach path on Avenue U in Seaside on the northern Oregon coast. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Silver Falls Backcountry

Small mushrooms grow on mossy stumps along the backcountry trails of Silver Falls State Park.

Applegate Valley

Water levels drop as fall begins in Applegate Lake, a reservoir in southern Oregon near the California border. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Applegate Valley Wine Country

Wine tasting on the shady lawn of Troon Vineyards in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley wine region. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Clatsop State Forest

The sun’s rays cut through the misty forest around Lost Lake in Clatsop State Forest on a chilly winter morning.

Jewel Meadows

Roosevelt elk congregate on winter mornings at Jewel Meadows, a protected wildlife sanctuary in the Coast Range east of Seaside.Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Hood River Fruit Loop

A bucket of freshly picked honeycrisp apples on the first day of fall at Draper Girls County Farm in Hood River, a famous stop along the Fruit Loop.Jamie Hale / Oregonian

lost lake

Viewpoint looking out over Lost Lake towards Mount Hood on an overcast summer day. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

razor digger

A razor digger searches for clams at sunset on January 17, 2022 in Long Beach, Washington.Mark Graves/Oregonian

dog and bald eagle

Viggo, a German Shepherd, crosses the road with a bald eagle on January 17, 2022 in Long Beach, Washington.Mark Graves/Oregonian

A small stone building with a single door opening is shown, with a view of Mount Hood in the background.

With the summit of Mount Hood just beyond, McNeil Point Shelter marks the end of the beautiful McNeil Point Hike on the northwest side of the mountain. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Thorby Island

Sandhill Cranes fly over Sorby Island with Mount St. Helens in the background on Saturday, November 12, 2022. Mark Graves/Oregonian

Steigerwald Refuge

An osprey fishes on a tree branch at the edge of the Columbia River Gorge at the Steigerwald Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Washougal, Washington. The shelter will reopen in 2022 after extensive renovations. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Smith Creek Village

The Tiny Cabin offers cozy accommodation on chilly fall nights at Smith Creek Village in Silver Falls State Park.

Triple Falls Hike

Triple Falls along Oneonta Creek in the Columbia River Gorge is covered in light fall snow. The forest here was badly burned in the 2017 Eagle Creek fire.Jamie Hale / Oregonian

All beaches South Coast

Agate from the Tzeliadun State Recreation Site, also known as Agate Beach, in Port Orford on Oregon’s southern coast.Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Wallowa Lake

The summer sun begins to set over the Wallowa Mountains and Wallowa Lake as seen from a county park at the northern end of the lake near Joseph.Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Warrior Point Hike

A crisp fall day at the Warrior Rock Lighthouse, Oregon’s smallest lighthouse, on the Columbia River near the northern tip of Sorby Island. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Willamette Falls

Greg Archuleta, cultural policy analyst and member of the United Tribes of Grand Rondo, views Willamette Falls and his ancestral homeland from the old Blue Heron Paper Mill, now owned by the tribe. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

secret beach

A sunny spring day at Secret Beach, a small beautiful beach in the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor on Oregon’s southern coast. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

McNeil Point Hike

Wildflowers bloom in the summer at McNeill Point, on the northwestern slopes of Mount Hood.Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center

A small museum in Joseph, the Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center, showcases baseball uniforms and tells the story of a black logging community in the Wallowa Mountains. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Kentucky Falls Trail

North Fork Falls (left) and Lower Kentucky Falls (right) are the terminus of the Kentucky Falls Trail, which leads to three spectacular waterfalls near Mapleton in Oregon’s Southern Coast Mountains. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Silver Falls Backcountry

Sunlight filtering through the trees along the backcountry trails of Silver Falls State Park.

beach in winter

The sunrise on a winter day paints the dune grass at Gearhart Beach on the northern Oregon coast. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

gold room

A summer evening at The Gold Room, a pizza restaurant in downtown Joseph, opened by two Portland cooks in 2019. The restaurant he closed in October 2022. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Astoria - Megler Bridge

On Saturday, January 15, 2022, low, heavy clouds and fog roll into the mouth of the Columbia River surrounding the Astoria-Megler Bridge.Mark Graves/Oregonian

Sunset on the Coquille River

Sunset over the Coquille River Pier at Bullers Beach State Park in Bandon, Oregon’s southern coast.Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Dry Creek Falls Hike

From downtown Cascade Locks, hike 2 miles (2.2 km) along the Pacific Crest Trail to Dry Creek Falls. Dry Creek Falls is located on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge and is covered with winter snow. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

eagle cap wilderness

A bridge over the West Fork Wallowa River on the Ice Lake Trail in the Eagle Cap Wilderness of the Wallowa Mountains.Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Chachar Museum and Cultural Center

A headdress made of dentarium shells is on display at the Chachar Museum and Cultural Center, designed to teach about the culture of Grand Rondo’s allied tribes and to serve as a positive community center.Jamie Hale / Oregonian

Hood River Fruit Loop

The branches are full of pears on the first day of autumn at The Gorge White House, a famous stop on the Hood River Fruit Loop. Jamie Hale / Oregonian

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