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Our 18 Best-Selling Travel Products From 2022 You’ll Need In 2023

Many of our expert travel contributors shared their favorite travel products throughout 2022. Who better to ask for travel advice than a retired flight attendant or a full-time travel writer? These are the 18 products they recommend that resonated with our readers in 2022. Start planning your 2023 trip and stock up on these must-haves today! Please give me.

best travel security products

SABER door stop security alarm

buy now $13.25

We never like to think about breaking in while traveling, but it’s always good to be realistic and prepared. Our retired flight attendant expert Kentrell Charles recommends this compact door stop Never travel without an alarm. Its small size makes it easy to fit in your travel bag and plug into your hotel door upon arrival. Non-slip pads prevent the door from opening and instantly trigger piercing his alarm if attempted.

SABER door handle alarm

buy now $11.98

In addition to door stops, Kentrell also highly recommends this convenient door handle alarm. Once activated, the piercing alarm will sound when the door handle is touched. It’s small, portable, and battery-powered, so you can use it on your hotel room door or vacation rental for added security.

She’s Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

buy now $29.95

Kentrell also recommends traveling with this personal security device, the She’s Birdie alarm. She can attach this alarm to her keychain for extra peace of mind as she explores new destinations. Don’t let the size fool you. This alarm is loud and strobes her lights when triggered. In the event of a security risk, the user simply removes the top pin and replaces it once all is clear.

best carry-on products

travel pro backpack

buy now $119.99

Carry-on baggage must fit under the seat in front of you. More and more people are choosing to carry their luggage on board to avoid flight delays or cancellations, baggage charges and lost luggage.

Kentrell recommends this travel pro backpackFind something comfortable to wear or easy to carry. I will be using this bag as my daily carry on even when I am on vacation. It really goes two-for-one and you don’t have to pack extra bags for your daily excursions.

Lumbar Support Inflatable Travel Pillow

buy now $26.99

Travel writer Peggy Cleveland admitted she doesn’t usually use a neck pillow, although she’s obviously a frequent flyer. . It’s inflatable with air, so it’s very easy to carry around and inflate when you need it. As a bonus, Peggy said it doubles as a lap pad for your computer during flights and long road trips.

S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

buy now

Bringing a reusable water bottle is a smart way to save money while traveling. It is a water bottle of S’well which Kentrell recommends. Empty and fill after security.

BONUS: This water bottle keeps hot liquids hot, so it doubles as a coffee thermos.

travel cable organizer

buy now $12.99

Anyone who knows they travel with electronic devices (and nobody in today’s world has one?!) needs this organizer. Compact waterproof case holds cables, chargers, power banks, phones, readers, batteries and more. Available in multiple colors and in foldable and zippered styles with mesh pockets and pouches.

reusable produce bags

buy now $16.99

Kentrell said these reusable produce bags are a lifesaver when it comes to organized packing. Perfect for putting your keys, medicines and important travel documents in your carry-on. Infrequently used items on the bottom, frequently used items on top.

Pro tip: It is generally not recommended to pack keys, baggage claim tickets or important documents in your checked baggage. If your package is lost or delayed, you don’t want to delay getting home because you don’t have your car keys.

StudioZONE 10x Magnifying Makeup Mirror

buy now $9.95

The StudioZONE compact is perfect for travel as it is only 4 inches in diameter and features 2 mirrors to meet your multiple mirror needs.

One mirror looks like the real thing, so it’s perfect for checking your entire face. The other is magnified 10 times. This mirror is perfect for retouching your makeup after a long trip.

best travel clothes

Orthofeet Sanibel Shoes

buy now $94.95

Peggy found these shoes from another person Waiting for travel articleShe said her feet were always swollen on planes and when she took off her shoes she couldn’t put them on.

She thought the shoes were ugly at first, but bit the bullet and bought them Orthofeet SanibelWhat they lacked in charm, they more than make up for in comfort.When shopping on the Orthofeet website, you can search for shoes based on your needs. In this case, it’s leg swelling.

She said the Sanivel’s Velcro adjustments were a lifesaver. Each shoe comes with arch support and a variety of liners so you can customize your perfect fit.

Unbound Merino Travel Dress

buy now $139

Waiting for travel Senior Vice President Missy Glassmaker purchased this merino wool dress before traveling abroad. The Unbound Merino Wear can be worn like the most comfortable t-shirt, but with the softness and quality of your favorite sweater. This brand was built on the needs of travelers. Their garments are light, wrinkle-resistant, odor-resistant, and moisture-wicking. It’s very versatile as you can wear it from hiking to dinner. Basically, just throw a few items in your carry-on and you’re ready to go on a week-long trip.

Other travel favorites

audible audiobook subscription

Start your free trial now

Allison Weston, Senior Marketing Director Waiting for travel, swears an Audible subscription. How will you survive a road trip or long travel day if you’ve never tried Audible?! Each month, Audible adds credits to your account to purchase audiobooks and podcasts.In addition, they have a wide variety of freedom Books and podcasts for Plus members. Nothing speeds up travel time!

folding travel toothbrush

buy now $6.99

Kentrell recommends that you always pack your toothbrush in your carry-on while flying. This collapsible toothbrush is the perfect size to easily fit in any bag. No one wants to arrive at their destination without a toothbrush. Plus, it helps if you eat something particularly spicy at the airport.

portable luggage scale

buy now $11.53

This inexpensive device can save you time and money. Please weigh your luggage when packing to avoid surprises at check-in. AmazonBasics Portable Luggage Scale is digital and compact with a flexible strap to attach the weighing bag. With a maximum weight of 110 pounds, the scale is under $15.

Eu Portable Nightlight

buy now $12.99

Jeff Stahlhut, one of our expert writers, says this night light A must-see when traveling. No more worrying about leaving the lights in your hotel bathroom on. It’s dim so it won’t wake me up, but I want it bright enough to keep my feet out of the dresser. This particular option is simple, inexpensive, and comes in multipacks if you want more than one. A helpful tip is to leave a note somewhere. That way, you can remember to take it with you when you go out.

Aqua Original 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Pool Float and Water Hammock

buy now $12.99

Waiting for travel Content Strategist Laura Ray shared one of her favorite finds this summer, and readers fell in love with it! This pool float is compact enough to carry around and easy to inflate (the air pump is not needed), providing many lounge options while maintaining stability. is not It’s hard to get hold of yourself. You may not be thinking about pool and lake toys during the winter months, but why not plan ahead for spring and summer fun?

Bonus: Less than $13.

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