Ohio Turnpike issues travel restriction ahead of winter storm

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission has issued weather event travel restrictions effective until further notice.

The Ohio Turnpike said its technology department is closely monitoring the conditions surrounding the upcoming winter storms and restrictions may be extended or limited as the situation evolves.

The Ohio Turnpike remains open to most traffic, although certain types of vehicles are restricted. The following types of vehicles are prohibited on the Ohio Turnpike until restrictions are lifted:

  • All high-profile tow trailers, campers, boats and enclosed trailers (except 5 wheel trailers)
    • Notable is defined as being over 7 feet 6 inches tall.
  • Commercial truck towing one empty 53 foot trailer
  • All mobile homes, office trailers and livestock trailers.
  • All long combination vehicle (LCV) long double trailer combinations over 90 feet in length. (Included trailers only, including Conestoga type trailers)
  • Combination of all LCV triple trailers.

The following types of vehicles are permitted on the Ohio Turnpike:

  • self-propelled camper
  • thin trailer
  • folding camping trailer
  • Pickup truck with slide-on camper
  • Vehicles towing 5-wheel type trailers or other types of trailers towed by passenger cars or pickup trucks.
  • Commercial trucks towing single flatbed or box type trailers
  • Commercial truck towing one 53 foot trailer
  • Commercial truck pulling a car carrier trailer
  • Commercial trucks towing flatbed double trailer combinations over 90 feet
  • Commercial trucks towing double trailer combinations less than 90 feet.
  • 2 axle buses under 40 feet
  • Buses with 3 or more axles less than 45 feet

If you have any questions, please contact the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission at 440-971-2081.

Ohio Turnpike Travel Restrictions(Ohio Turnpike)

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