Nightmare travel for some amid massive delays and cancellations

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Colorado Springs, Colorado (KKTV) – Millions of Americans are plagued by travel nightmares. Southwest Airlines has the highest number of cancellations and delays in the nation.

On Tuesday night, airline CEO Bob Jordan spoke about the meltdown.

“Our network is very complex and airline operations depend on every part … I’m really sorry,” Jordan said in a video sent by Southwest Airlines.

Airlines said they will cut flight schedules by about a third over the next few days to catch up.Twenty-two Southwest flights were canceled at Colorado Springs airport on Tuesday. This represents more than 70% of services outside the airport.

Travelers were frustrated to say the least.

Hundreds of people had to wait in line at the Colorado Springs airport to figure out what to do with their canceled flights.

Southwest passenger Paul Hayes told 11News he had to wait in line for more than three hours.

Other travelers said trying to contact the airline by phone was a bad idea.

“I keep getting cut off. Last time I waited 41 minutes and then got lethargic several times. It’s crazy because it just hangs up on you,” said William, another Southwest passenger. Green said.

The airline said the meltdown was a domino effect, from winter storms to internal software system failures.

“The tools you used to recover from the chaos will help you 99% of the time, but to avoid facing what is happening now again, you should abandon your existing plans to upgrade your systems for these extreme situations. It’s clear we need to do more,” Jordan said.

Southwest said it will reimburse customers for meals, hotels and alternative transportation on a case-by-case basis.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said it would check to see if Southwest Airlines’ cancellations were controllable and in compliance with its customer service plans, saying the airline’s existing plans would not allow travelers with serious cancellations to He said he was responsible for providing meals and hotel vouchers.

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