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Messy 2022 holiday travel leaves lessons learned

Anchorage, Alaska (KTUU) – After the 2022 holiday travel season, the lines that stretched around the kiosk desks and terminals at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport disappeared.

For many passengers, it marks the end of a troublesome travel season filled with numerous flight cancellations, snoozing on hard airport seats and lost luggage. Scott McMullen, publisher of Alaska Travelgram, said the turmoil of the season may have left a tough lesson for Alaskans.

“The recent holiday season meltdowns show that additional steps need to be taken,” said McMurren.

During the holiday season, ANC continued to advise passengers to check the status of their flights before heading to the airport, saying contacting individual airlines was the best option.

“When I check in before I leave the house, the app usually shows up-to-date information,” says McMurren. “I don’t want to find out that my flight is delayed when I get out of my car or taxi.”

This is just one of the tips McMurren gave in his Airport Survival Guide 2023. On top of that, he recommends that travelers sign up for Global Entry to save time when trying to get through security.

McMurren also recommends getting travel insurance, avoiding crowds when booking flights, and downloading the airline’s app. McMurren said these specific steps will keep travelers informed about gate delays and changes.

One of McMurren’s final suggestions on his list is to have a way to track checked baggage.

“This holiday season shows that airlines may have lost your bag and may never find it. So you need to track your own bag,” McMurren said. increase.

Devices like Apple AirTags help travelers know exactly where their bags are, McMurren said.