Mavs had travel issues trying to get out of Minnesota and into Houston

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Travel issues dominated day and night for the Houston-Dallas Mavericks.

As the Mavs were about to leave Minnesota and fly to Houston after Wednesday night’s game against the Timberwolves, they encountered a road block.

After arriving in Houston and yet to land, the Mabs encountered some unusual circumstances. Essentially, bad weather prevented the Mavs from landing at Houston.

“After hovering over Houston for an hour at 3am, we decided to head back to Dallas,” said coach Jason Kidd. “And then I left (Dallas) at 6 (Thursday afternoon) to get here. Everything went great.”

All went well, but it wasn’t a normal moving day for the Mavs.

“I think the blizzard that hit Minnesota was the first obstacle,” Kidd said. “That’s the hard part, and we got out of there thinking Houston was going to be the easy part.

“But unfortunately we got out of Minnesota and didn’t land in Houston. So we had to go back to Dallas.”

A new NBA rule allows teams to fly to certain cities on game days, especially those that are in close proximity to each other. When a reporter mentioned it to Kidd, he said: I need to read the new rules. Could you please send me the new rules? Some parts of the trip were tough, but we made it through, and we need to play the game.

“But in the past, and as you bring it up now, there was sometimes LA[can fly on game day]from Phoenix. You get an hour, so you can fly on game day.” increase.

“I wish I could fly straight from Minnesota to Dallas, knowing that I have a day in between. We had the option to fly in the morning, which I think will help.”

Cyrus on Doncic’s defense: Rockets coach Steven Cyrus has noticed just how good a player Luka Doncic has been on defense this season.

“He’s putting in a good effort on the defensive end and understands how important it is for the team to be successful, not just offensively. His defense will help as well,” Cyrus said. “So he’s improved in every aspect of the game.”

Cyrus spent his first two seasons in the NBA from 2018-2020, with Doncic serving as an assistant coach with the Mavs. Meanwhile, coach Jason Kidd agrees with Cyrus about Doncic taking his defense to a higher level over time.

“I think he’s getting better,” Kidd said. “What we asked him to be aggressive — he carries heavy loads every night.

“He creates so many open shots for his teammates. Again, we asked him to join us defensively. is doing:

simply: Guard Kemba Walker (left knee, recovering from injury) was not dressed for Friday’s game. Coach Jason Kidd said he wanted to give Walker a break due to the heavy workload he’s been carrying lately, as he finished 42 minutes in Cleveland last Saturday and two games in Minnesota on Monday and Wednesday. 24 minutes each and he played 20 minutes. Dorian Finney-Smith (right adductor strain), Josh Green (right elbow sprain), Jaden Hardy (back bruise) and Maxi Clever (right hamstring surgery) will miss Friday’s game did. Former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal sat courtside for Friday’s game… At Sunday’s home game against the Los Angeles Lakers, point guard Luka Doncic said: So I think the gym will be packed, full of energy and a lot of fun. ..Christian Wood only scored eight points on Friday, but he rolled up his sleeves against the team in front and he blocked four shots. “I think he was great,” Doncic said. “Not every basketball game is about scoring. He did a great job.” Doncic said the team loved sending him a double team. “That’s him four to three,” Doncic said. “Easy basketball. There’s a lot of space and you can shoot the best shots you can in an NBA game.” said he was fully aware of “With that statistic, yeah, I know,” he said. “Every arena now has stats (scoreboards) so you can recognize it.” and screamed. They got their wish.

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