I’m a TV travel expert – these are the hotel rooms you should never book

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Travel experts have revealed the type of room they always avoid when staying in hotels.

Samantha Brown hosts an American travel TV show and provides lots of helpful tips for other travelers on social media.


Samantha reveals why she hates having rooms near hotel elevatorsCredit: Instagram/samanthabrowntravels

In an Instagram video, she explained why she doesn’t want her room next to the elevator.

She usually offers her followers plenty of words of wisdom, but in this video, Samantha didn’t have to say anything to get her point across.

Instead, she stood by the elevator, listening to the loud screeching that came from the elevator as it moved up and down between floors.

She said she could hear them clearly from the hallway as she tried to relax in her room.

In the title of the video she says:

She also revealed that she doesn’t like being next to the ice machine.

Also, for safety reasons, we avoid staying on the ‘ground floor’ (also known as ground floor in the UK), which is considered a burglar-friendly room.

Likewise, for safety reasons, guests are also advised to avoid rooms above the 4th floor.

Former soldier and now travel risk expert Lloyd Figgins says the third floor is your best bet for two safety reasons.

He told Sun Online Travel: “The biggest overlooked is the risk of fire.

“When you arrive at a hotel, you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment that seems safe. The question is what to do next when the fire alarm goes off.

“Do you know where the emergency exit is? How do you get there? Can you get to a safe place? Is it blocked or locked?”

For this reason, Lloyd says, “It’s always worth walking the fire escape route, counting the number of doors between your room and the fire escape.”

“Make sure you’re between the 2nd and 4th floors of the hotel, as fire station ladders rarely reach above the 4th floor.

“Things below this are targeted by thieves.”

Meanwhile, Samantha also reveals a strange item she keeps in her hotel safe to prevent forgetfulness.

And this woman was shocked after being asked to return the items to the hotel room she was accused of stealing.

Samantha also dislikes hotel rooms near the ice machine and on the ground floor.


Samantha also dislikes hotel rooms near the ice machine and on the ground

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