How To Unlock Fast Travel In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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You’ll need to complete Merlin’s quests and repair several wells to move quickly through Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

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  • friendship is everything

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a large world with different characters throughout the map at different times of the day. Since the game doesn’t have a sprint button, you probably wanted to know how to quickly move to other areas. Fast Travel is very simple and easily accessible in-game. To get started, just talk to Merlin.

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The key to unlocking fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Marlin and the fancy white wells throughout the valley. To unlock this feature, you must complete a quest with Merlin. Below, we’ll detail how to complete the quest and how to fast travel anywhere in the valley.

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friendship is everything

Disney Dreamlight Valley Talking with Merlin

  • Friendship between 3 villagers is 5.
  • Restore the pillars of friendship.

Near the start of the game, when you first pass through the tutorial stage and are able to recruit new Disney characters to your realm, you’ll encounter the quest “Friendship Is Everything” with Merlin. This quest is a way to understand fast travel. Follow Merlin’s quest by going to quests from the menu screen.

To get this quest, you must complete the tutorial stage, travel to Dream Castle, and invite new characters to the valley.

Merlin introduces the strange pillars in Yanaka and demands that they be restored to their former glory as they are blocked by nightthorns and evil magic. The pillar in question in Meadow is the pillar of friendship. This is why Merlin demands that at least he reaches level 5 with 3 different villagers. If the villager’s friendship level is low, simply giving them flowers picked from the ground will greatly increase their friendship level.

Giving flowers to villagers will increase their friendship.

Another way to increase your friendship level is to ask them to hang out together and then do the assigned activity. Once a villager reaches level 2, assign tasks such as digging and fishing. Hanging out with them and performing their tasks will give you more fish or more gems. This will also greatly increase your friendship level with them.

Once this is done, you will need to return to Merlin and return to the Friendship Pillar. The orb to restore the pillar is just in front of it. Now that the pillars have been restored, evil magic no longer binds the area. Next, you will be asked to visit Meadow’s Well. Talking to Merlin will automatically repair this well. Since you haven’t unlocked any other areas, fast travel doesn’t make sense at this point. From the beginning you can only fast travel to the plaza with the magic well in the middle.

Merlin suggests going to the beach. You can now unlock new biomes in-game! This means going down and up ramps that hit Nightthorn blocking your way. Each lamp that leads to a new biome requires a Dreamlight to unlock. Dazzle Beach is the cheapest area to unlock at the start of the game.You can earn more Dreamlights by completing Dreamlight Duty. The Friendship Is Everything questline is now complete.

well repair

Disney dreamlight valley map

  • Unlock new biomes.
  • Repair the well with money.

Repaired meadow wells at zero cost. That’s not the case with the rest of the wells in the valley. There are wells and pillars for each new biome you unlock. Merlin will tell you to restore the pillar here and there, but restoring the well is up to you.

The quest above required repairing the Friendship Pillar to use the well in the area. Not so in all other regions. Wells in areas can be repaired and used for fast travel even if the pillars in the area are not restored. All wells now have an orange construction sign. The signboard features the face of Scrooge McDuck. Interact with construction signs to pay for repairing the well. How much does it cost to repair a well money instead of Dreamlight.

You don’t need to interact with wells in the world to travel fast.

You can easily open maps from anywhere Choose wells as long as they are repaired.

When you open the map, all wells are displayed as purple icons.The castle of dreams isn’t purple You can fast travel to the castle using the map likewise. Note that you can enter creation mode and move around, like almost everything else in the valley. The well can be moved for your convenience! Open your inventory and select the furniture on the left. Pick up any well and move its location to suit you and your layout.

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