Hong Kong Drops Travel Testing Requirements, Fully Reopens

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What a week! Not only has China reopened its borders after being cut off from the world for nearly three years, but Hong Kong has also made travel significantly easier.

Hong Kong finally lifts coronavirus travel restrictions

Hong Kong leader John Lee has announced that Hong Kong will fully reopen to the world from Thursday 29 December 2022. Specifically, travelers to Hong Kong will no longer be required to undergo mandatory coronavirus tests.

Hong Kong has also scrapped the vaccine pass concept for admission to many venues around the city. People who test positive for coronavirus do not need to be quarantined. Finally, social distancing rules have also been abolished.

Oddly enough, even though all of these rules have been repealed, masks are still required in public places, except when exercising.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Hong Kong took a zero-tolerance approach to the pandemic and had some of the strictest travel restrictions in the world. Hong Kong required quarantine at a facility for travelers, which in some cases took him as long as 21 days. It lasted for over two years.

Finally, in 2022, travel restrictions will be eased in Hong Kong.

Now, just two weeks after the last change, the policy has been further relaxed.

Hong Kong has finally fully reopened to tourists!

Is it time to visit Hong Kong again?

Pre-pandemic Hong Kong was probably my favorite city in the world. I have always wanted to go back to Hong Kong. So far, Hong Kong’s attempts to ease travel restrictions haven’t gone far enough for me to feel safe visiting — nearly the entire world has reopened without testing requirements. Also, I didn’t want to plan a trip..

I plan to travel to Hong Kong in the next few weeks as it has now fully reopened without health surveillance or testing. increase. On the review front, I would also like to check out The St. Regis Hong Kong and Chase Sapphire Lounge Hong Kong.

There are currently some concerns about the potential number of tourists coming from mainland China. Because at this point, travelers from China may have the highest rates of coronavirus infection we’ve ever seen, between their lack of immunity and ineffective vaccines. , that’s also where a good mask helps (and because Hong Kong still needs masks…).

Be aware that flying to Hong Kong is not always easy. Cathay Pacific is still operating only a fraction of its pre-pandemic schedule and has been unable to ramp up service quickly given the amount of fleet it has and the number of staff laid off.

I’m not saying it’s going to be impossible to get a flight to Hong Kong, but I don’t think supply will grow as quickly as we’ve seen in other markets. Access to benefits is limited.

This is great news for Cathay Pacific


Hong Kong is finally fully reopening the way many of us have long wanted. As of 29 December 2022, Hong Kong will eliminate health surveillance and testing requirements. This means you can travel to Hong Kong as you did before the pandemic. Well, except you have to wear a mask.

What do you think about Hong Kong’s reopening? Are you planning to visit?

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