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Hong Kong Drops Most Covid Restrictions Allowing For Easier Tourism

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Almost three years after enacting the first set of tourism measures, Hong Kong is finally starting to return to normal. From today, December 29th, Remove most of Covid restrictionsThis includes mandatory arrival tests for international travelers landing in the city and a controversial vaccine pass.

Hong Kong lifts most Covid restrictions allowing easier tourism

Hong Kong, a highly autonomous special administrative region of China, has the power to enforce its own travel rules and has imposed fairly strict rules throughout the crisis. At one point, it even went so far as to ban foreigners from visiting altogether, but kept residents tight-lipped with a series of lockdowns and a strict curfew.

Fortunately for travelers heading to Asia in 2023, the city of Guangdong finally seems to be catching up with the rest of the free world, at least in part.

No more vaccinations or post-arrival tests

Hong Kong skyscrapers seen from the Bay Special Administrative Region of China, Asia

As announced by Hong Kong leader John Lee, the China region will abolish on- and post-arrival testing of tourists and provide vaccines ahead of the New Year to regain its status as a global financial institution. I am retiring the path. It will become a hub and work with other Asian powers such as Japan and Thailand where restrictions have been lifted.

movement in hong kong Following the easing of similar measures in mainland Chinawhich has reopened its economy in recent weeks and started treating Covid as endemic. means

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Wandering flea markets in Hong Kong, Asia as seen by female tourists wearing straw hats

Especially when it comes to Hong Kong, authorities are easing restrictions despite a recent spike in cases across the mainland, a drastic change in their usually very conservative and stringent approach to pandemic management. It proves that it is relaxed to From December 29th, All of the following apply to tourists Landing in Hong Kong:

  • No more covid tests upon arrival
  • No mandatory tests on days 0-5
  • No vaccine pass
  • Do not isolate close contacts of infected people
  • No quarantine on arrival
Hong Kong Ferris Wheel illuminated purple at night, Hong Kong Marina, Special Administrative Region of China in Asia

Entry into Hong Kong is easiest since March 2020

Until 28 December, foreigners were required to present a provisional vaccination pass at the check-in counter to be eligible to travel to Hong Kong. This is usually provided when filling out a so-called green health declaration and has undergone several RATs. Test from day 0 to day 5 of stay.

us passport airport

In the unfortunate scenario, a positive result is issued during mandatory testing, forcing isolation until the infection progresses. Needless to say, the prospect of his two-week vacation in an Asian isolation facility discouraged many Westerners from visiting at all.

Non-residents who were not vaccinated were routinely denied entryUnless you’ve only transited mainland China and the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Macau and Taiwan in the week before arriving in Hong Kong. In principle, vaccinations were compulsory for travel outside of China and for travel originating from SARS.

Asian young man waiting outside terminal of international airport

Lee has not actually confirmed that vaccination will no longer be an official requirement for travelers entering Hong Kong, but Vaccine pass cancellation means mandate may be discontinuedhowever, we will have to provide more information in the coming days once the official website is updated with the new rules.

Pre-departure testing is the only remaining border rule requirement

Hong Kong, China Special Administrative Region, view from airplane window at night

on the other hand, US Consulate in Hong Kong Confirm that the pre-departure test should still be conducted. Rapid Antigen 24 hours before boarding Flight or PCR within 48 hours arrivalInterestingly, filling out a health declaration form and attaching a health report issued by the Institute is not mandatory.

A 5-year-old Hong Kong resident was required to receive 3 doses of vaccinations in order to access many venues, including indoor restaurants and entertainment venues. In his statement, Premier Li reiterated that he would continue to move forward towards “normalization” in a gradual and “methodical” manner, recalling that mandatory masks remain for both citizens and visitors. let me

Young Asian man wearing mask while using laptop at airport during Covid pandemic

you will need a mask in the following areas:

  • public space
  • Public transportation including planes

Additionally, both social distancing rules and a ban on gatherings of more than 12 people in public places have ended. It’s certainly good news for But heading into 2023, the city-state seems ready. Advance From the dark days of the pandemic.

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