Holiday travel nightmare continues for many at Denver International Airport, Department of Transportation looking into Southwest’s rate of cancellations

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For many Denver International Airport travelers, it feels like a bad Christmas present to keep giving.

Aggie Bothwell, visiting from Virginia, said, “I flew out of Baltimore and was late, but everything was great from the time I got here until I got to town.” Yes, there are many people.”

FlightAware data shows Southwest Airlines has canceled more than 50% of flights with traffic passing through the airport, so after days of cancellations and delays at the airport, its outrage. Many of them are now directed to Southwest Airlines.


on Monday, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced that it was investigating the airline After what they call “unacceptable cancellations and delays, reports of lack of prompt customer service.”

organization murmured“The department will investigate whether the cancellation was controllable and whether Southwest is complying with its customer service plan.”

Southwestern customers like Susan and Rick Biegler said the last few days had been a nightmare. said Susan. The couple, who live in Las Vegas, have been waiting for their flight since Saturday. After dealing with days of cancellations, Rick had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Patricia Mamenga was also stranded at the airport. She said she had to sleep in baggage claim because the company didn’t have the hotel voucher anymore.

“People kept calling for about four hours and still no answer,” says Mammenga.

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Near baggage claim on Monday, a Southwest employee was also expressing frustration. TWU Local 556, Southwest Airlines flight attendants union president Lyn Montgomery issued a statement criticizing the company and its leadership.

“It’s deplorable. This is a terrifying situation for anyone who is able to travel or work,” Montgomery said.

An airline spokeswoman said the operational failure was due to “extreme winter weather,” but Montgomery said the problems shown on holiday weekends and Mondays have been going on for years since 2016. He said it was due to an outdated system that had been an ongoing problem for a while. Proper staffing and miscommunication with staff.

“We’re still looking to expand, so they’ve taken on more than they can handle. We’ve hired 3,900 flight attendants this year and are hiring more, but when the weather gets worse, we’re currently I can’t handle my business,” Montgomery said. “Frankly, many of us are very concerned about expansion because we have so many dire problems in our current business.”

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In a statement, an airline spokeswoman said, “We will work hard to make things right for those we let down, including our employees.”

Unions and Southwest customers want action, not the company’s usual lip service.

“There is no answer. They have a big problem. I hope they solve it,” Susan said.

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