GSA Issues Reminder on Emergency Travel Expenses

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GSA advises government agencies that, under Federal Travel Regulations, temporary employees and in-transit employees who are being transferred are incapacitated through illness or injury and not through their own misconduct. issued a reminder that you have the authority to reimburse emergency travel expenses in the event of an accident.

A December 23 Federal Register notice calls attention to the provisions of the FTR List Requirements for Emergency Travel Reimbursement. This includes the conditions under which an employee may receive travel reimbursement in an emergency, expenses permitted, and limitations on travel payment. .

The notice, FTR Bulletin 23-04, states: Travel expenses listed on the FTR.”

The agency also stated, “Consistent with case law, maternity-related events occurring during TDY stays and during relocation travel are considered ‘disabled illnesses or injuries’ for purposes of reimbursement of emergency travel expenses.” We may determine that there is a possibility that the

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