Florida officials urge road safety during busy holiday travel

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The Florida Highway Safety Vehicles Authority (FLHSMV) and the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) division are urging drivers to stay safe this holiday season.

The winter holidays are the busiest long-distance travel period of the year. Last December, he had 35,859 crashes on Florida roads, claiming 325 lives and injuring 1,524 more, according to FLHSMV data. Data show that in more than 28% of his crashes, at least one of his involved drivers was at fault leading to the crash.

“Unfortunately, tragic accidents are all too common and often caused by someone who chooses not to obey the law,” said FLHSMV’s executive director. Terry L. Rose Said. “We see the heartbreak these crashes bring to families, friends and communities. But we rarely hear about the many crashes that are prevented by drivers who are polite, serious, and focused on the road and its surroundings. These are the drivers that keep us safe, and the type of driver that every driver should aspire to this holiday season and into the new year. ”

To ensure safety, FHP assists drivers on highways and works to keep dangerous drivers off the road. FHP Auxiliary Troopers will also volunteer to strengthen his FHP during the vacation period. His increased FHP presence throughout Florida helps deter traffic violations and better serve drivers who need assistance while traveling.

Of the crashes last December, 917 were alcohol ingestion, 96 were drug use and 86 were both.

Under Florida law, driving under the influence is a crime, evidenced by impairment of normal functioning by any substance, or an illegal blood or breath alcohol level of 0.08 or higher.

Drivers who see a driver with a disability should report it by contacting local law enforcement or dialing *FHP (*347). FLHSMV said doing so could save lives.

“Remember to drink responsibly and use good judgment this holiday season,” FHP Director Gene Spaulding Said. “If you decide to drink or use drugs and drive, you are not only endangering your life, but also the lives of others. To ensure that, we will aggressively enforce disability driving laws.”

other safe driving tips Always wear your seat belt from FLHSMV. Be aware of speed limit changes (Florida’s speed limit never exceeds 70 mph). Avoid distracted driving, such as texting or interacting with your car’s entertainment system. Avoid drowsy driving. Move for stopped or disabled vehicles or emergency personnel.

Drivers should write down important phone numbers and keep them in the car. This is in case you can’t access your phone due to service coverage or dead battery.

If drivers must stop their vehicle, they must do so in a safe location away from the roadway. Drivers should turn on their hazard lamps and, if possible, place traffic safety flares in conspicuous places. If the driver stops for help, FLHSMV recommends staying in the vehicle and asking Friendly Samaritan for help. Similarly, anyone wishing to help a stranded motorist should avoid stopping and instead notify local law enforcement or call *FHP.

If the driver is involved in a minor accident, they should remain in their vehicle and contact local law enforcement to report the accident.

As always, dial 911 for emergencies.

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