Extreme weather prompts travel restrictions on RITBA bridges in Rhode Island

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The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority has announced that due to extreme weather conditions, certain vehicle types may be restricted or prohibited from traveling across the bridge. Officials have the authority to work with the Rhode Island State Police to restrict or prohibit travel on the state highway that is the bridge’s driveway.

Under high wind warning conditions, if sustained winds exceed 30 mph or if gusts persist for 15 minutes in excess of 30 mph, drivers of high-profile vehicles are advised to move across the bridge. We recommend that you exercise caution when

If wind speed exceeds 50 mph or gusts exceed 50 mph sustainably for 15 minutes, a Level 1 wind limit is introduced to restrict high profile vehicles such as box trucks, trailers, house trailers and RVs. Traffic is prohibited. cross the bridge. Law enforcement agencies may also, at their discretion, prohibit other vehicles from crossing the bridge.

Under Level 2 wind speed limits (implemented when wind speeds exceed 60 mph or when gusts exceed 60 mph continuously for 15 minutes), only cars, pickup trucks, flatbed trailers and commercial buses are allowed on the bridge. can cross. All other vehicles, including vehicles under Level 1 wind restrictions, are prohibited from crossing the bridge.

If wind speeds exceed 70 mph or gusts exceed 70 mph continuously for 15 minutes, the bridge may be closed to all traffic.

In winter weather conditions such as snow and ice that make travel on the bridge dangerous, authorities may close the bridge in consultation with the Rhode Island State Police. Denied drivers are assisted to turn safely.

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