Elden Ring Player Reaches Godskin Apostle Without Realising There’s Fast Travel

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I know these games are dull, but come on…

Games from Elden Ring and FromSoftware are generally notorious for being dull and hard to get into. The mechanics are rarely fully explained and it’s up to you to figure things out for yourself.One thing that’s very easy to figure out in Elden Ring is fast travel. Well, for everyone but this one player of him who ended up at the Godskin Apostle at the base of Kaelid’s Tower unaware of the existence of teleportation.

as discovered by game radar+, redditor Bulky-Collection1032 posted on the Elden Ring subreddit asking for help in escaping the hole in Caelid Tower. To get there, you have to fall on a rickety beam and walk all the way down to the base. It’s easy to undo. Simply use the Site of Grace to teleport to any other unlocked location in the game. For some reason, Balky didn’t know this was possible.

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The top answer was very simple, “Should we be able to TP out via the map?” Vulky replied, “Oh my god, I didn’t know that was something ☠️ty.” It’s an adorable moment of ignorance that, thankfully, is never met with hostility.

After all, Bulky has only been playing for three days, so this isn’t as serious a problem as it first seemed. It’s still not great, but it’s not laughably ridiculous. If anything, as many people replying to the original thread have pointed out, it’s pretty impressive that he made it to the bottom of Caelid Tower in just three days.

Others shared equally embarrassing stories. I thought I had to challenge the boss…it was fun.” Another said, “I was trapped in a Caelid mine, escaped, and was walking along the edge of a swamp when a strange woman appeared. , apologized for testing me and sent me away.”

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