Cruise Planners Increases Travel Advisor Efficiency With New Amenity Tracker Tool

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Cruise planner travel advisors will be able to streamline and organize travel offers, promotions and amenities for select travel suppliers and consortium partners using a new tool within booking engine CP Maxx called Amenity Tracker .

Amenity Tracker allows trip advisors to add amenity types, assign dollar values, and add special notes to their clients. Clients can see their amenities on their invoice and in their myTrips account.


“This tool was an idea from one of our top Producer Advisors. It will save him and his team hours and ensure that customers receive all the amenities they promised when booking. said Brian Shultz, Chief Information Officer at Cruise Planners, in a statement.

Advisors can also use the tool to run reports on departures for any date range, eliminating the need to review booking comments and keep spreadsheets.

“We rolled out several new tools at the annual meeting, including our patent-pending travel planning tool LivePlanner, but that was just the beginning of what we had in store,” says Cruise. Planners CEO and founder Michelle Fee added. She said, “With LivePlanner and Amenity Tracker, we are once again providing tools that help advisors stand out from the competition and give them time to work more efficiently and generate more sales. ”

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