Christmas week bomb cyclone flooding, blizzard conditions creating holiday travel nightmare

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The blizzard turned into a bomb cyclone on Friday, causing messy and deadly weather across the United States on the final countdown to Christmas.

At least nine deaths have been attributed to winter storms and power outages exceeded one million.

From coast to coast, millions of people have been hit by ice, dangerous cold, floods and snow this Christmas week.

Coastal flooding closes roads

Coastal flooding is a significant threat along much of the Northeast and New England coast.

Widespread moderate flooding continued on Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

At high tide, coastal towns in Maine and Connecticut were flooded, and blast cyclones issued warnings of high winds, coastal flooding and flash floods.

Video from Wells and Ogunquit, Maine showed huge waves crashing on the coastal road. Residents were asked to avoid driving on roads facing the sea.

High winds and potential damage to infrastructure have closed many roads in New England.

The FOX Forecast Center has warned of storm surges of about 3 feet in places such as Portland, Maine.

How to watch FOX WEATHER

Meanwhile, on the Great Lakes, Hamburg, New York, is expected to experience massive 14- to 18-foot-tall waves, prompting coastal areas to evacuate.

“All my clothes are just sheets of ice,” said FOX Weather correspondent Max Gorden, as waves crashed around him from Hamburg’s Lake Erie.

traffic trouble

It doesn’t matter whether travelers arrive at their destination by plane, train, boat or car. This storm spares no transportation.

At least nine people are believed to have died in five states due to winter storms.

Eight fatalities were related to crashes due to unsafe road conditions. A North Texas man has died after being exposed to freezing temperatures, according to FOX 4 Dallas.

Airlines have been aggressively canceling flights, with nearly 3,700 cancellations nationwide, with locations such as Seattle, New York, Chicago, Denver and Atlanta being the most affected.

Christmas Week Blizzard Tracker: Winter Weather Forecast, Power Outages, Flight Delays and Cancellations

Flooding wreaked havoc on the New Jersey transit system on Friday, covering tracks in Hoboken.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation imposed restrictions on several interstate highways starting Friday due to the potential for rapid freezing.

Staten Island Ferry service was temporarily suspended on Friday due to high winds and tides.

Wind chills are forecast to drop below zero in the central and southern parts of the country, with some areas below 25. Snow squalls in Tennessee reduce road visibility.

In Ohio, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has declared a Level 2 snow emergency, telling drivers to “stay off the highway unless it is absolutely necessary to be on the road”.

Several highways in Kentucky, including portions of Interstate 71, were closed Friday due to snow and poor visibility.

Severe cold, blizzards and sea smoke

In the Midwest, snow, wind, ice, and dangerously cold weather are causing crashes and ruining all the lastMinute-by-minute shopping plans in locations like Chicago and Minneapolis.

FOX weather correspondent Robert Ray was in Chicago. Sea smoke rose from Lake Michigan, creating an eerie landscape in Chicagoland.

What is sea smoke?see a rare phenomenon

Up and down the central United States, more than 200 million people have received wind chill advisories and warnings. More than half of the United States is covered in snow.

The South has not escaped the cold and wind.

Lows on Friday morning were in the teens and in the single digits in the south. Oklahoma, Arkansas When Tennesseetemperatures stayed in the mid-to-teens, according to the FOX Forecast Center texas To Georgia.

Nashville Police responded to 34 crash calls on Friday, largely due to icy roads earlier in the day.

White Christmas Forecast: Blizzard Covers Most Countries with Snow Over Holiday Weekend

ice and cold

The winter storm began in the West earlier this week before beginning to spread a blizzard bingo across the Midwest and northern Plains.

In Denver on Wednesday, temperatures plummeted to nearly 40 degrees in less than an hour, with life-threatening chills continuing across much of the West.

According to Denver’s NWS, the Mile High City is Second coldest day on record Thursday The lowest temperature is minus 15 degrees.

A severe ice storm hit the Pacific Northwest on Friday, halting multiple transportation services.

About a quarter inch of ice piled up in Seattle on Friday, making conditions dangerously slippery.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport reopened its runways on Friday after giving time for deicing.

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