China resumes international travel: Which countries are introducing new COVID restrictions?

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Countries are imposing new COVID-19 measures on travelers from the following countries: China International travel will resume.

Japan, IndiaMalaysia and Taiwan have announced tightening rules for travelers from China in response to rising cases.

Japan said travelers from China must test negative for COVID-19 upon arrival, and those who test positive must undergo a week of quarantine. Tokyo also plans to limit airlines flying more flights to China.

Malaysia has introduced additional tracking and surveillance measures.of Philippines We are also considering testing.

US government officials are also considering tightening controls, citing concerns about a “lack of transparent data.” Beijing.

The EU and UK have yet to announce new restrictions on travelers from China.

Why are countries concerned about travelers from China?

In recent weeks, China has rapidly eased strict restrictions COVID rules amidst civil unrest. The sudden policy change has reportedly overwhelmed the health system as the virus spread with little control.

China, with a population of 1.4 billion, reported three new COVID-related deaths on Tuesday, up from one on Monday. However, these figures are not consistent with funeral home reports or the experience of less populated countries. resumed.

“There is growing concern in the international community about the ongoing situation. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infectious disease) Surge in China and lack of transparent data, including genome sequence data for viruses reported from China [People’s Republic of China]’, a U.S. official said on Tuesday.

What are the rules for people traveling to China?

China announced on Monday that it will lift quarantine requirements for inbound travelers from 8 January.We will resume issuing visa For Residents traveling abroad.

This is a big step towards easing border curbs that have been largely closed since 2020. Rules have been gradually loosened in recent weeks to facilitate domestic and international travel.

Hong Kong also said Wednesday it would scrap most of the rest COVID restrictions.

Online searches for flights originating from China surged from very low levels on Tuesday, but residents and Travel agency Due to the current level of vigilance, it suggests it will still take a few months for things to return to something like normal.

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