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Challenging Travel Stats Northwest Indiana- Indiana State Police Press Release:

The past few days have been a challenging trip for drivers who have chosen to drive in dangerous conditions at best. To those who have heard the road and weather warnings and decided to postpone their trips, my sincerest thanks go out to them.

Troopers found themselves dealing with crashes, skids and stranded drivers from Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning. The following statistics have been compiled for your review. Everyone at the Indiana State Police Department would like to thank several agencies, but trying to name them all would leave someone out. A local police station helped check the driver. Thank you for your cooperation. Thank you to our media partners for supporting our public message.

We would especially like to thank the Indiana Department of Transportation for working around the clock and doing their best to keep the roads easily passable in some locations. Their work seemed futile, battling the winds and Arctic temperatures, but they persevered and never stopped cultivating. And finally, I would like to thank all the towing agencies for accommodating the elements that have not been seen in the last few years and towing the vehicle.

Merry Christmas everyone at the Lowell Post! Enjoy the warm weather starting this week.

Property Damage Crash – 153

Crash with injury – 28

Slide-off (no damage but towing required) – 83

Assist Driver- 157

Handicapped Driver- 5

Trooper Wounded- 1