Butterfly Effect Time Travel Rule-Breaking Scene Is STILL Bothering Fans

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Years after its release, one scene in The Butterfly Effect still haunts fans when it breaks the film’s own rules of time travel.

one scene in butterfly effect It still haunts fans. This sci-fi his thriller, released in 2004, features Ashton Kutcher playing Evan Treborn, who has a history of fainting and amnesia as a child. Then, a 20-year-old college student, Evan discovers that by reading his diary from his childhood, he can return to his former self during a blackout. Kutcher’s character is determined to use his abilities to rectify the past, but soon realizes that even the slightest change can have big unintended consequences. However, the film doesn’t always follow its own time travel rules.

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A recent Reddit thread posted by u/KillerQ97 states, “Which continuity error or plot hole in a movie always comes to mind?‘ u/BionicTriforce replied with the infamous prison scene butterfly effect, a comment that reaches the beginning of the thread.A series of users responded to the comments sharing his sentiments, and almost 20 years after its release, this illogical scene butterfly effect It still annoys fans. Check out the thread below.

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Butterfly Effect Time Travel Rules Explained

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In the early stages butterfly effectthe film establishes its titular principle – every time Evan goes back in time and makes changes to the past, it has various unintended consequences. He’s the only one who created the line and is aware of the change.To use the same example as the Reddit user, when Evan’s arm is blown off in an explosion, he wakes up in a new reality and his roommate is already aware of it. I was shocked that I didn’t have an arm doing it.

At another point, Evan accidentally kills Kaylee’s unhinged brother Tommy and ends up in prison for the crime. There, in order to convince his fellow prisoners that he has the power of time travel, Ashton Kutcher’s character goes back to his childhood and viciously stabs his hand into a school pointy object, but in the present day. I’m going back to jail. A few scars that magically appear on his hands. The puzzling scene defies the very logic of the film’s title and all the time-travel rules it establishes.

Following the rules of time travel laid out by the film, Evan’s actions should lead to the creation of an alternate timeline where his scars have been there all along, while realizing that Evan never had his scars before. was. Use butterfly effectBy his own logic, Evan’s stabbing his own hand at school would have caused a ripple effect that would have dramatically changed the trajectory of his life.this scene in butterfly effect It’s been keeping viewers hooked for years, but only defies its own time travel rules.

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