Buffalo, Lackawanna and others remain under travel ban; driving restrictions lifted in Amherst, Clarence, Hamburg

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Erie County announced an update to its driving ban on Monday as cleanup continues from a deadly snowstorm that hit western New York.

County Commissioner Mark Polonkers said as of late Monday afternoon, the driving ban was still in effect in the cities of Buffalo and Lackawanna, and the towns of Amherst and Cheektowaga. It said the entire county remained in a state of emergency.

However, the town of Amherst announced at 4:30pm that the travel ban would transition to advisory at 7pm. However, a 24-hour parking ban remains on all town streets.

Additionally, Polonkers said late Monday that the Buffalo ban would continue until Tuesday, but that the Lakawana and Cheektowaga edicts would be reviewed Tuesday morning.

Around 3pm, Poloncars announced that the driving ban on Evans had moved to a driving advisory. At 5 p.m., he reported that the towns and villages of Hamburg, Blasdell and Clarence had also lifted the ban in support of the recommendation.

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At approximately 12:30pm, Poloncars announced that the driving ban in Seneca West had been downgraded to a driving/travel advisory.

Driving advisories remain in other Erie County municipalities where travel bans have been lifted.

Erie County

The Orchard Park Police Department announced at around 6:30 am on Monday that the driving ban had been lifted in the town and village of Orchard Park.

Many areas of Erie County are no longer banned, but officials have cautioned motorists.

For example, the town of Tonawanda lifted its driving ban at 7 a.m. on Monday, but anyone who “has to go out” is asked to “be careful on the road, especially when approaching or passing intersections.” I advised you to pay.

The updated driving ban map was released after officials on Sunday said they would review the ban early Monday morning.

It should come as no surprise that the driving ban in Buffalo remains for non-essential workers. Polonkertz said he didn’t expect the driving ban in Buffalo to be lifted on Monday.

Governor Kathy Hochul said late Sunday that officials want people to stay home for another 24 hours.

Travel bans were lifted early Sunday morning in Genesee and Niagara counties. Also early Monday afternoon, Genesee County withdrew its travel advisory, stating that “all roads are safe and open.”

The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office has announced that Niagara County, which includes the cities of Lockport, Niagara Falls and North Tonawanda, will continue to enforce travel advisories.

Due to the ongoing difficult situation, drivers are urged to exercise “extreme caution” when choosing to drive.

Authorities are urging the public not to travel to areas where travel bans are in place. The situation outside is life threatening and emergency vehicles are stuck on the streets.

Prohibition prohibits the movement of persons other than emergency responders. No unnecessary travel is advised under travel advisories.

The thruway remains closed to all traffic from Exit 46 to the Pennsylvania border. All I-190 and I-290 were also closed.

“Thruway will remain closed until further notice,” Ho-Chol said around 12:30 pm on Monday. We are deciding if we can open.”

The Rainbow Bridge and Lewiston-Queenston Bridge have reopened, but the Peace Bridge remains closed to traffic to Canada, according to NITTEC.

These roads also remain closed, according to NITTEC.

• Route 219 from Peters Road, Ashford to Buffalo

• Route 400 from Interstate 90 in Western Seneca to Olean Road in Aurora.

• Route 5 from Interstate 190 in Buffalo to Big Tree Road in Hamburg.

• US 93 from US 5 to Tonawanda Creek Road in Newstead.

• I-990 between I-290 and Millersport Highway.

• I-190 between Niagara Falls Main Thruway and Buffalo Avenue.

• I-290, the entire length of the main thruway to I-190.

Strong winds and snowstorms will cause major winter storms in many affected US states, including Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa and Wyoming.

News staff reporter Barb O’Brien contributed to this report.

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