Buffalo blizzard causes whiteout conditions, travel bans ahead of Christmas weekend

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Buffalo, New York – A winter bomb cyclone sweeping across the country is bringing whiteout blizzard conditions to Buffalo.

Violent Christmas Week Blizzard Turns into Bomb Cyclone

Buffalo, located on the eastern shore of Lake Erie, is currently under a blizzard warning and will see dizzying snowfall and rising water levels.had visibility became zero past noon on Friday.

“All my clothes are just sheets of ice,” said FOX Weather correspondent Max Gorden, as waves crashed around him from Lake Erie in Buffalo, a suburb of Hamburg.

Hamburg was evacuated as rising waters threatened to flood the lowlands. Waves reaching heights of 14 to 18 feet lash the shoreline.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s just a force of Mother Nature,” Gorden said.

How to watch FOX WEATHER

The wind is also creating challenges for residents around Buffalo. At Buffalo International Airport, the gust was measured at 72 mph. The FOX Forecast Center said winds could reach 80 to 85 miles per hour later on Friday.

Heavy lake snow is expected in the area over the weekend, with up to 4 feet of snow expected in parts of western New York by Christmas Day.

What is Lake Effect Snow?

However, combined with strong winds, the snow is creating whiteout conditions. These conditions create dangerous driving conditions and travel bans are in place in some areas.

Buffalo’s National Weather Service filmed the snowy conditions to show that the road was invisible.

Due to dangerous weather conditions, Buffalo Airport airfield closure I canceled all night flights on Friday afternoon.

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