Boarding denied because of positive COVID test

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Q: My husband and I have booked a cruise to the British Isles with Princess for this summer. Before boarding her Southampton, cruise line personnel gave her husband a quick COVID test of her. Because she hadn’t had his PRC test (done in the US) in the mail yet. My husband tested positive. Princess did not let us on board.

I have insurance for this cruise and have submitted the letter I received from Princess to my insurance company. However, insurance companies require a doctor’s note or other documentation of the test and results in addition to the letter.

We requested the documents from Princess but so far no response.On my last call with Princess I waited 4 hours and was given incorrect information and no confirmation from the ship’s doctor. There was no

The Princess also promised to cover food and lodging costs while waiting for her return flight, but that has not materialized either. Help me! ─ Linda Martin, Anacortes, Washington

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A: The princess was right to deny you boarding. However, the way insurance claims and expenses were handled was incorrect. Cruise companies had to deliver on what they promised. That means we cover your expenses and help you file an insurance claim. So why not? Well, we’re still picking up bits and pieces from him during one of the busiest summer travel seasons in recent memory: Everyone wanted to go somewhere. This results in delayed travel insurance claims and longer customer service hold times. Princess is not alone.

The cruise line has already refunded $1,051 for excursions.But you still hadn’t paid for the cruise fare and the extra cost of quarantine in the UK

I like the way you carefully record your expenses. I have saved all receipts and presented them to my travel insurance company. well done. Unfortunately your insurance company needed a letter from Princess confirming her husband’s COVID positive status when you boarded.

Official test results are required if illness prevents you from taking a cruise or tour. A doctor’s letter would be even better. Instead of asking for a letter when you get home, pick it up on the spot. Otherwise, your travel insurance claim may not be successful.

A polite written appeal to one of the Princess executives I publish on my advocacy site ( was helpful. We also publish a free guide to cruising (found at It includes a section on how to fix cruising issues.

I have contacted the Princess on your behalf. A representative called me and agreed to refund her an additional $500 to cover food, lodging, transportation, and any amount not covered by insurance. You will also be provided with the necessary documents for insurance. The princess will pay you her $2,954, and if you file an insurance claim, you’ll get $3,700 back.

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