Avengers’ New Time Travel Rule Is Going to Give You a Headache

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When the first Ghost Rider used the penance steer on Namor, he took advantage of a sin that technically hadn’t been committed yet in that timeline.

Marvel Comics has always had a unique relationship with time travel. Ghost Rider’s Latest penance steer the avengers The series is an example of exactly why.

For a while, all reality was gravely threatened by a version of Doctor Doom calling himself Doom Supreme. He rallied a bunch of other powerful villains across the multiverse to create the Master of Evil of the Multiverse. They traveled the multiverse and conquered reality. A mysterious figure known as Avenger Prime has assembled the power of the multidimensional Avengers to oppose them.

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things start to happen Avengers Assemble Alpha #1 By Jason Aaron, Brian Hitch, Andrew Curry, Alex Sinclair. Modern-day Avengers travel back in time to prepare for battle. They encounter prehistoric Avengers from that era, and tension quickly arises between the two groups. A fight breaks out despite Captain America’s attempts to calm things down. Ghost Rider clashes with Namor and is able to use Penance Stare on him.

Ghost Rider may be able to transcend time

Penance to stare at Namor

This brings up Ghost Rider’s penance stare and many questions about how time travel works in the Marvel Universe. of his past, but of his future. His penance gaze is thus harnessing the future along this present timeline to cause Namor pain. This is strange because the future is always in flux, as seen in the Marvel Universe with so many different possible futures being depicted. ‘s Marvel timeline is a permanent staple that cannot be changed.

Interestingly, this running Mephisto of the avengers He states that it exists all at once. He is simultaneously aware of his future and past selves. Perhaps Ghost Rider works in a similar fashion. If the Spirit of Vengeance can use his own future to punish them with Penance his steer, he may have access to sins in the future as well as the past. Either way, this penance stare and time travel conundrum is an interesting question that Marvel could explore further in the future. the avengers problem.

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