Amtrak cancellations due to major winter storm hamper holiday travel in Michigan

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Kalamazoo, Michigan — Numerous Amtrak cancellations due to winter storms will affect travel within Michigan in the days leading up to Christmas.

The company has canceled Wolverine 352 and 353 trains between Pontiac and Chicago from December 22-25, according to information posted on its website. The train stops in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Jackson, and Kalamazoo, along with many other stops along the way.

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Trains 352 and 353 have been cancelled, but not all Amtrak trains running between the above destinations have been canceled for those days.

Amtrak has also canceled some services from Grand Rapids to Chicago, suspending service on Pere Marquette 370 trains from December 22-24, and operating Pere Marquette 371 trains to Chicago from December 23-25. has suspended service to Grand Rapids.

Pere Marquette also makes stops at St Joseph/Benton Harbour, Bangor and Holland.

As of Friday morning, Dec. 23, not all services between Grand Rapids and Chicago have been canceled, and Amtrak still operates some trains between the two destinations.

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Travelers are advised to confirm with Amtrak that trains are running before commencing travel, and to contact Amtrak directly if a train is canceled and they would like to make other travel arrangements. .

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