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After a stressful travel week, some good news

Chicago (CBS) — Travelers are also looking to the future with the New Year just around the corner.

CBS 2’s Noel Brennan reports from Midway International that there are some encouraging stories to wrap up 2022, with normalcy returning for travelers in time for the new year.after hearing Lots of terrible travel stories this weekCBS 2 decided to look for a good one.

“Yeah, I’ve heard some scary stories listening to the radio and watching the news,” said one passenger.

After a week of flight cancellations, the good news can still make it through Midway. Aggressive Southwest passengers are hard to find, but the new year makes anything possible.

Another passenger said, “Alright, we’re back in the Southwest, Chicago.

“We’re fine. Very good. They didn’t interrupt our flight at all,” added the Southwest passenger.

“They called us this morning and said our bags were here and we were here to pick them up.

Reuniting with lost bags, reuniting with loved ones at last.

“It’s been great to be able to spend the last two weeks here in Chicago with my three grandchildren,” said another Southwest passenger.

“A surprise spontaneous trip that I actually took last night,” said the passenger.

How nice it is to go home and not miss a celebration due to a canceled flight!

One man holding a box of voodoo donuts said, “My good news. Yes. I have donuts from Denver.”

“My daughter’s birthday is New Year’s Day. It’s my New Year’s Eve,” smiled another passenger.

“Oh yeah! Thanks for the birthday present, Southwest,” said one passenger.