AAA: Millions of Americans hit the roads for the worst travel day of the year

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Fayetteville, NC (WTVD) — The AAA released a report on Tuesday, declaring it the worst travel day of the year, noting that the roads were crowded in the middle of the holiday season.

Drivers have been warned of delays in and around key transit areas. Heavy traffic is expected on the roads through Tuesday evening.

Commuters along Interstate 95 confirmed the roads were busy, but noted the worst traffic jams occurred Monday night through Tuesday morning. Travelers say traffic jams are affecting their vacation plans.

Crystal Caso of Florida is feeling a crisis in her vacation plans because of all the delays.

Casso drives from Florida to Canada and back to spend time with his granddaughter. She said it was easy to drive north on Christmas Eve, but hard to get back. Her family started driving in New York at 5pm Monday and didn’t arrive in Pennsylvania until 3am Tuesday, wasting precious time with her grandchildren.

“We have limited days together now,” Casso said. “(T) It took at least a couple of days. She spent less time with her.”

Another traveler, Raymond Muhula from Maryland, pointed out a silver lining. Congested roads mean people can be with their loved ones again after the pandemic. He lost his family and friends during the height of COVID-19, so he said he doesn’t mind dealing with traffic jams to see family.

“Families have lost loved ones and people have lost their jobs.So it is a big blessing to be here now that the pandemic is real.People did not bury their dead,” said Muhura. rice field. Even if there is heavy traffic and your flight is cancelled, you can still be on the road. ”

Evan Revak of Virginia says driving from Charleston to DC with his dog just got easier. He usually flies to California to see his parents, but he wanted to change things up. He says it has room for a lot of things.

“I bought some nice presents for my parents, and some nice treats for these two (dogs), and I hope I can save some money just to travel,” he said.

More than 100 million Americans are expected to drive to their vacation destinations this season, according to AAA, and 2 million more Americans will drive for vacation this year than in 2021. Predicted.

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