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A Hidden Travel Destination In Northern Spain

Navarra, Spain welcomes visitors with open arms as a destination steeped in picturesque Northern Spain history.

Part of the city and mountains of Navarra Spain

Navarre Also Navarra is a province, an autonomous community in northern Spain and one of the historic Basque districts. Rich in history and tradition, it’s a melting point for adventure. Pamplona, ​​Navarre’s largest city and capital, is famous for its iconic annual running of the bulls.

The summer months from June to September are the best time to visit Navarre as the villages and streets are bustling with life and festivals. During the summer months, visitors can easily explore Navarre’s attractions, including historic buildings, beautiful panoramic views and picturesque quaint villages.

Historical sites to tour in Navarre

Like the rest of Spain, Navarre is dotted with ancient ruins that history buffs will want to explore.

Medieval town of Olite and its royal palace

Olite is a small town that evokes medieval fantasies in the traveler, with a magnificent 13th-century royal castle that’s almost like a fairy tale.

Olite is a charming town with cobbled streets, medieval galleries and churches, and aristocratic houses. We recommend taking a stroll around it to immerse yourself in its unique and ancient architecture: Roman walls, Gothic arcades and impressive coats of arms on façades.

Other outstanding attractions in Olite are the Plaza de Carlos III and the Church of San Pedro. There is also a terrace bar where you can immerse yourself in the charm of the ancient city of Olite while enjoying wine.

Leire Monastery

The ancient history of the Kingdom of Navarre is best learned with a tour of the Leyre Monastery and its royal vaults, along with the secrets of the Old Kingdom.

This is where kings were born and the first king is buried here. The Leyre Monastery is the first example of Romanesque architecture in Navarre, surrounded by the scenic and green Sierra de Leyre landscape and the Yesa Reservoir.

A tour of Leyre Abbey takes 45 minutes and visitors learn about all the history it has to offer.

Admission fee (2022)

  • Guided tour: Adult $5.35 (€5), Child $2.14 (€2)
  • Self-guided tour: Adult $4.28 (€4), Child $2.14 (€2)

Natural attractions touring in Navarre

Navarre is an outdoor paradise with several natural attractions to visit.

Uredera Headwaters Nature Reserve

The Uredera Headwaters Nature Reserve is a protected area surrounded by beautiful Navarre landscapes and the source of a turquoise river.

The source of this river is surrounded by elm and beech canopy. The tranquility of this river source is therapeutic and the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature.

Along the headwaters of this river, there are hiking routes suitable for families with children. A tour around the source of the river begins in Baquedano, a charming little village in the Amescoa Valley, with historic Roman relics from the 13th to the 17th century.

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Visits to the Uredera Headwaters Nature Reserve can be booked online.

Foz de Lambier Nature Reserve

The Foz de Lambier Valley in this nature reserve is one of Navarre’s most spectacular limestone rock canyons. The canyon is 1,300 meters long and has vertical walls up to 400 meters high.

The crevices, ledges and crevices of the canyons are home to raptors in this nature reserve, mainly Eurasian Griffon vultures are abundant here.

Other wildlife seen in this canyon are foxes, Egyptian vultures, wild boars and badgers. The Fosdelanbier Valley can be explored on foot through his two marked trails below the cliffs.

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Visit the Bardenas Reales Desert

Bardenas Reales is a 42,500-hectare desert and natural park that is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Although a desert, the landscape he has a diverse and rich ecosystem with two landscape types.

The landscape of Bardena Blanca has canyons and rocky peaks, the landscape is made of cast and clay, while the landscape of Bardena Negra has greenery and Aleppo pine forests.

This outdoor paradise offers 700 kilometers of nature trails for scenic hiking and biking. Bardenas Reales is a favorite of photographers for its scenic beauty.

Birders can spot more than 20 species of birds with their binoculars, including the Eurasian Eagle Owl, the Egyptian Vulture and the Eurasian Griffon Vulture.

Adventurous in Navarre

Navarre has several adventure parks where visitors can indulge in thrilling fun.

  • Sendaviva Nature Park has more than 25 attractions, including circuses, raptor shows, puppet shows, virtual reality, water parks and sports, and more than 800 animals can be seen here.
  • The fun never ends at Ilisari Land, where visitors can enjoy fun activities such as ziplining, treetop walking, disc golf, pump track biking, laser tag, rock climbing, biking and horseback riding.

  • For those with a taste for quirky cuisine, take a basket and hunt for ‘snow’ mushrooms in March while enjoying the hikes and scenery in the Urzama Valley.
  • Navarre has caves known for their mysticism and history, such as Zugaramurdi Caves, Ikabul Caves, Mendukilo Caves and Urdazbi Caves.

Foods to try while visiting Navarre

The flavors of Navarre can be sampled by visitors through the following regional dishes, which are also found in other parts of Spain:

  • Canutillos de crema: This sweet dessert consists of cream-filled pastries and is served warm with powdered sugar.
  • Navarre Cheeses: Two of Spain’s most prized cheeses are found here. These are Idiazabal with a smoky flavor and Roncal cheese whose taste changes depending on its maturity.
  • Ajoarriero: This popular and unique Navarre dish consists of flaky salted cod fish, onions, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes and peppers.
  • Cordero al chilindrón: A delicious lamb stew according to a traditional recipe with peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onions, white wine and pepper.
  • Cardo a la navarra: This is made from cardoon vegetables, an iconic staple of Navarre cuisine. Simmered in a sauce of garlic, flour, and ham, this dish is perfect for the cold winter.
  • Trucha a la navarra: The ingredients for this delicacy consist of trout, slices of serrano ham, and flour-coated fried food.
  • White Asparagus: This vegetable dish is deliciously prepared by locals and must be sampled by visitors as a gastronomic memory.
  • Piquillo Peppers: This is one of Navarre’s favorite dishes, with peppers roasted or stuffed with meat or fish, such as salted cod.