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7 Great Travel Destinations Where Cannabis Is Legal

Image by S Scholz

These days there is no shortage of destinations where you can easily access cannabis while still being able to do the usual tourism. We are expanding the world to people who want to enjoy the effects of

If you want to spend your holidays elsewhere and celebrate personal milestones while incorporating cannabis products into your daily activities, add the following destinations to your possible travel options.


U.S. cannabis enthusiasts wishing to stay in North America for the holidays can also include Canada in their list of countries to visit. Take a staycation in the countryside and order herb delivery for a carefree vacation, or visit establishments that support cannabis culture and see how people here treat and use weed. can do.


Located in northwestern Europe, the Netherlands is a tourist destination in its own right. With its storied history, rich culture, natural resources and highly functional urban areas, it offers residents and guests the means to enjoy a high standard of living. But at the same time, the Netherlands is also a popular tourist destination for cannabis enthusiasts. Here, herbs are accessible in coffee shops and recreational use of marijuana is tolerated by governments. If you want to explore the country of , the Netherlands is the place for you.


Travelers who want good food and organic weeds at their fingertips can plan a holiday trip to Spain, especially Catalonia. Areas where smoking weed is legal have designated clubs, but there are also places where people smoke in public. A purpose-built club offers a rewarding experience, as is often the case.


If you are planning to enjoy a vacation in South America, you will be pleased to know that there are many places in this part of the world where weed can be used. It is the country with the highest cannabis use. Official production and consumption of cannabis is still illegal here, so it is best to stay off the streets when using the herb. It is clear that many people living in Chile take advantage of this fact.


If you want to witness the weed culture first hand while on vacation, Jamaica should be at the top of your list of choices. I received a warm welcome in Technically speaking, owning more than 2 ounces of weed is considered a misdemeanor in the country and you have no criminal record. Tourists wishing to obtain medical marijuana in the country must apply for a permit so that they can purchase small quantities. However, if you are a Rastafarian, you can carry unlimited herbs for religious purposes.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination among eco-friendly travelers who want to see pristine beaches and explore nature reserves. But did you know that the country also allows medical marijuana use and recently decriminalized smoking marijuana? You can reach out to the people and organizations you distribute to.


Mexico is another accessible vacation destination for avid weed users. While there are still legislative issues surrounding the use of cannabis in the country, Mexico’s Supreme Court has ruled that laws banning the recreational use of cannabis are unconstitutional. There are many places where you can get weed while vacationing in Mexico, but to ensure product quality, we recommend that you only source from authorized dealers. In that case, it is too easy to obtain a product with impurities in it, so be careful with your trading partners.

U.S.-based tourists who want to enjoy their vacation without leaving the country can enjoy weed in certain states. please. Before you book a flight or prepare for an expedition, be sure to do your research and double-check how your destination considers the use of cannabis products and their legal restrictions.