26 best-selling travel products our readers loved in 2022

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There are thousands of travel products out there. From checked baggage to carry-on, travel backpacks, neck pillows, toiletry bags, headphones, portable chargers and much more. At CNN Underscored, our goal is to help you make decisions about what can be made easier to make travel better, smarter and more comfortable.

As we head into the end of the year, here are some travel products our readers won’t be able to travel without. If you’re looking to stock up on your travel wardrobe before you leave for your first vacation in 2023, consider him one of Underscored’s reader favorites.

$20 $10 at Amazon


The best overall sleep mask choice is a favorite among our readers, and for good reason. can do.

$18 $13 at Amazon

Underlined Perilogic Phone Mount


There’s nothing worse than having a numb hand holding your smartphone while you’re streaming your favorite TV shows or movies from an airplane. Not to mention my neck hurting looking down at my phone! This ingenious phone mount clips to the front seat tray on his table for hands-free viewing.

$175 in July

Travelbf July Carry All Backpack Series 2


The July Carry All Backpack is an eye-catcher. Not only does it have room for everything you need to carry, including room for a 16-inch laptop, but it doesn’t sacrifice style. Available in 4 colors, I also like this backpack.

$275 away

Away the Carry On

over there

The Away Carry-On has a cult following for good reason. This is a well-crafted, durable piece of luggage that has been dubbed the best overall hardshell carry-on in our tests. Available.

$40 at Amazon

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow


This is the best travel pillow choice overall. In fact, we call it the “Goldilocks of travel pillows.” Readers love it because of its solid support and portability. The memory foam interior folds down to half its size, making it easy to carry around.

$42 $30 at Amazon

Underlined Travel Backpack Matein Travel Laptop Backpack


This travel backpack is not only affordable, but has all the storage you need for your trips, whether for business or pleasure. It can hold everything from laptops to tablets and features compartments for smaller accessories such as passports and charging devices.

$84 $76 at Cadence

Underlined cadence capsule lead


We love these modular, magnetic leak-proof containers — and so do our readers! Best option.

$21 at Amazon

Underlined Packing Cubes Veken 6-Set Packing Cubes


Packing cubes are a traveler’s must-have. Readers love this his Veken 6 bag set. At just over $20, this set is affordable and includes extra large, large, medium, and small cubes, a laundry bag, and a travel shoe bag to clean dirty shoes. You can keep it away from your clothes.

$35 $33 at Amazon

Underlined travel bf Twelve South AirFly

twelve south

This simple accessory is a game changer for travelers. Connect a Bluetooth transmitter to your in-flight entertainment system to send sound directly to your wireless headphones. At just $35 (or less when on sale), you can’t travel without it.

$14 $13 at Amazon

ACdream Passport and Vaccine Card Holder


This dual-purpose passport and vaccine card holder keeps your most important travel documents safe while on the move. Not only can you store your luggage in one place, but your personal information is protected with RFID blocking technology.

$230 $168 at Amazon

Samsonite Freeform Hardside Expanding Double Spinner Wheel Product Card cnnu.jpg


Opt for the best Budget Check suitcases, with plenty of storage space in stylish frames and 15 color options. We like this suitcase for its smooth-rolling wheels, large capacity, and light weight when empty. This means you can pack more without approaching airline weight limits.

$98 at Beis

Underscore Vice Weekender Bag


Weekender bags are a staple in any traveler’s wardrobe. Priced at under $100 and offering tons of storage, including a zippered bottom compartment to keep shoes and other travel essentials separate from clothing, this Beis favorite.

$295 in July

underlined readers favtravel carry on in july


This bag is roomy enough as a carry-on bag. In fact, its 42 liter capacity is one of the maximum allowed inside the cabin. Readers also love that it has a removable battery that keeps the device charged on the go.

$26 at Amazon

Underlined Packing Cubes Bagail 8-Set Packing Cubes


Looking for more packing cubes than the standard 6-pack? This 8-pack means you’ll have more room for all your travel essentials on every trip. At a price that won’t break the bank, this is a quality set to boost your organization.

$295 away

Bigger Carry On Away

over there

If you want more carry-on capacity, the Away the Bigger Carry-on is perfect for you. Equipped with all the best components of the classic Away Carry-On, this version fits more luggage while fitting in most airline overhead bins.

$14 at Amazon

Underlined Prime Day Travel Jemise TSA Approved Toiletry Travel Bottle


A leak-proof bottle is a must when traveling. Who wants to wear a mess of shampoo and moisturizer when they arrive at their destination? I love my 4 pack.

$26 $16 at Amazon

Underlined Travel Adapter Saunouche Travel Adapter


Are you planning to travel abroad? International travel adapters are essential for keeping your device charged while on the move. Readers appreciate this affordable option that works in over 150 countries.

$78 at Beis

Underlined reader favtravel Beis The Backpack


This travel backpack is perfect for an overnight trip or to carry on the plane with all your essentials within reach. We love the simple design and useful features like a laptop compartment, water bottle pocket, and padded shoulder strap.

$16 $14 at Amazon

Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder Product Card cnnu.jpg


Whether traveling alone or with the family, this drinking caddy is perfect for hands-free. You can store your drinks, mobile phone and other travel essentials in the suitcase handle.

$16 $13 at Amazon

Freeto Portable Digital Luggage Scale


Traveling with a digital luggage scale is essential. It’s small and takes up very little space, but it can save you a lot of money and stress when it comes to avoiding overweight baggage charges. Readers appreciate this option on his Freetoo, and it’s on sale for just $13.

$50 $40 on eBags

Readers Underlined favtravel eBags Classic 6-Piece Packing Cubes


Emphasized readers love this set of 6 packing cubes from eBags. Includes 1 large cube, 1 medium cube, 1 small cube and 3 slim cubes. Available in three color options, each cube features an easy-to-read mesh top.

$50 $42 at Amazon

Underscore Crossbody Travel Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Bag


I love crossbody bags for travel. This versatile option from Travelon takes you straight from the airport to a tour to a new destination. It also has blocking technology.

$19 at Amazon

Underlined Primedaytravel Fosmon 4 Pack TSA Approved Luggage Lock


Protect your luggage while maintaining TSA compliance with these travel luggage locks. A set of 4 is enough for each bag or family member. At just under $20, the peace of mind you get knowing your belongings are protected with these locks is well worth it.

$27 $23 at Amazon

underlined reader favtravel Hyc00 travel duffle bag


This travel duffel bag doubles as a weekender bag, providing space for clothes and other essentials, perfect for a quick getaway. For just over $20, you won’t break the bank and you won’t have to sacrifice style. Available in 35 colors and designs.

$16 at Amazon

underscored readerfavtravel Diomel Clear Shoe Bag 12 pcs


Trust us: A travel shoe bag is essential. It’s an easy packing tool because it keeps dirt and grime from your shoes off your clothes. This 12-pair set is transparent, so you can see which shoes are in each bag when you arrive at your destination.

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