2023—The Year That Tourism In The Metaverse Takes Off

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The Metaverse and its new version of the Internet (a way to share immersive 3D virtual spaces using headsets and other technologies) are redefining the way we travel, and 2023 will be a big year for investments in the Metaverse. It will be the beginning of the decade.

Whether pre-departure, travel agents, or during baggage check-in and airport transit, businesses rely on the Metaverse to help and enhance their travel experience.

before booking

Imagine you’re thinking of taking a vacation, but you don’t know where to go. Many experts predict that travel agencies will begin offering virtual experiences online, allowing travelers to try out destinations in the metaverse.

Using virtual reality headsets, travelers can wander the streets of Asia, experience bombings on ski slopes, and marvel at the Big 5 game animals on safari.


For example, this includes training courses for operations staff to practice their work using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) simulations. VR requires a headset and the user experiences his 100% fictional world, AR does not. It requires a headset, uses a smartphone, and allows the user to move around the real world.

Many travel companies have already started to adopt the metaverse. Qatar Airways plans his QVerse where metahuman flight attendants guide departures at the airport.

upon arrival

Many companies are looking at ways to combine the Metaverse experience with the real world. The Walt Disney Company has a full-fledged metaverse strategy as it plans 3D virtual world experiences to parallel its real-world theme parks. This means that once each visitor can be completely immersed in her one-on-one with the real Sleeping Beauty, there will be no need to hire actors to play Disney characters.

While many are excited about the idea of ​​experiencing travel through the Metaverse, others ultimately immerse themselves in the essence of travel itself: random encounters with strangers and real-life cultures and experiences. I believe that doing so will detract from the richness that travel brings.

There is also the argument that traveling in the real world allows us to maintain a connection with our fragile environment and adapt to its needs, while using virtual reality to experience far-flung destinations can You can even argue that there is potential for savings. More of the earth by experiencing what a place feels like without having to travel far.

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