10 Reasons Why Georgia (The Country) Should Be On Your Travel Radar In 2023

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Since the same name “Georgia” is shared with a US state, it is often overshadowed by more popular US states. Most people assume that when the name “Georgia” is mentioned, they are referring to a US state, and even search engines with the same name show more results for the US state than for the country. This reveals how unpopular the country is among many travelers.

But there are many reasons why this destination is one of the best places to enjoy your New Year’s holiday. To persuade travelers more effectively, the list has been narrowed down to more compelling reasons why Georgia should be on the travel radar of travelers around the world.

10/10 the scenery is breathtaking

The Georgian landscape is characterized by towering mountains, dense forests, rivers and a 310 km long Black Sea coastline. Georgia also has thousands of mineral springs, numerous limestone formations and lakes.

All these natural gifts combine to make Georgia’s landscapes not only breathtaking, but perfect for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

9/10 georgia is affordable

Georgia is one of the most affordable places to live in the world. Food is cheap in this country, as is transportation and housing. The country’s capital, Tbilisi, was voted one of the cheapest cities in the world to live.

In Tbilisi and many other cities in the country, you can get generous transport services for a dime and a lot of food for less than $10, and most of the country’s attractions have free or very cheap admission.

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8/10 it has great wine

Wine could have spread around the world, and although there are now many fine wine regions around the world, the origins of this liquor can be traced back to Georgia more than 7,000 years ago.

This makes it the oldest wine-producing region in the world. Georgian wines are particularly unique because they are made using high quality grapes, and traditional winemaking techniques, including the use of Qvevri, are also sought after to make the wines very unique. .

7/10 Plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy

Georgia’s landscape provides a perfect backdrop for a variety of outdoor adventures, from hiking to mountain climbing to museum visits.

The country also has cable cars that offer spectacular views of the landscape and trails that allow horseback riding.

6/10 It has a rich history and many historic sites

Georgia is a place with a rich history and has prospered under the rule of several powers, including the Bagrationi, Ottoman, Iranian and Russian powers.

The country finally gained independence in 1991 and there are several historic sites and museums throughout the country where you can learn about different periods of the country’s history.

5/10 culture is rich and interesting

Georgian culture combines small elements of all cultures encountered throughout its existence to create a unique culture. can be seen.

This unique blend of cultures can be seen in the country’s art, architecture, literature, and even cuisine.

4/10 it has a stunning architecture

Georgian architecture often has an artistic and decorative flair that makes it a pleasure to look at. , there is a palace structure.

Through the existence of nations, architectural styles have also evolved over time or changed as a result of the domination of outside forces.

3/10 Abundant unique rock formations and caves

Georgia is a mountainous state with many unique rock formations and impressive caves that house an entire town of about 20,000 people.

Krubera Cave – The second deepest cave in the world is located here. The depth of this cave he exceeds 2,000 meters, and the closest city to the cave is Tzhaltubo.

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2/10 Home of Ushguli – the highest settlement in Europe

Ushguli is a laid-back region of Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains, popular for its breathtaking elevation and stunning scenery. At 2,200 meters above sea level, this mountain settlement holds the title of Europe’s highest settlement.

Visitors to this mountain hamlet are greeted by about five hamlets with natural landscapes and several tower houses featuring impressive traditional architecture.

1/10 food is worth the trip

Georgian food is delicious, very cheap, and features flavors from different cultures such as Greece, Turkey, the Mediterranean, and Persia. From soups/stews to breads and desserts, there is a lot to eat in this country.

Khachapuri — The national dish of the country, featuring warm yeast bread stuffed with cheese, butter and eggs. Comfort food like this is common in Georgia and tastes as good as it looks.

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