Whoopi Goldberg reiterates false claim that Holocaust “wasn’t originally” about race

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Whoopi Goldberg has again come under fire for her false claims about the Holocaust. In an interview published in London’s Sunday Times on Saturday (the sixth day of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah), the actor and “The View” co-host said the Holocaust was “originally about race. It was not,” she repeated.

goldberg made the first official statement In an episode of “The View” about 10 months ago, he said at the time that “the Holocaust is not about race,” but “inhumane acts against humans.”

She later apologized and was suspended from the show for two weeks for the comments.

But she’s now sticking to her point.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Goldberg (whose real name is Caryn Johnson, a self-professed she said comes from Jewish relatives) said there was disagreement over whether Judaism was a race or a religion. At the time, the interviewer pointed out that for the Nazis it was a race, a Holocaust, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 6 million Jews.

“That’s killer,” Goldberg replied. “The oppressors are telling you what you are. Why do you believe them? They are Nazis. Why do you believe what they say?”

Yellow Badge Jews were forced to triumph during the Holocaust.

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In the interview, he mentioned Nazi-era laws specifically aimed at Jews. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime issued more than 400 orders and regulations against Jews in the first six years of his rule, according to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Legislation began by restricting Jewish participation in public life, and within a few years the Jewish population was isolated from other Germans and forced to identify themselves as Jews. it was done.

And it wasn’t just forced on those who practiced their religion. According to the memorial, some had Jewish grandparents who converted to Christianity.

Nevertheless, Goldberg argued that the Holocaust “was not originally about race.”

“Remember who they were killing first. They weren’t killing races. They were killing physically. People they thought were mentally deficient.” And they made this decision,” she said, later adding. Don’t talk to Jews on the street. You could find me. You couldn’t find them.”

The interviewer writes that Goldberg pondered whether Jews were still part of the Jewish race if they no longer practiced their religion. When asked if he could relate more to the color of

But the heart of the Nazis was to propagate the idea of ​​an “Aryan” race. This was a false racial identity adopted by Hitler, primarily to classify not only Jews, but also a high-ranking group excluding Jews. Black or Roman and Sinti, according to the Memorial Museum.

Also, Hitler himself referred to Judaism as a race, saying in one of his first significant statements, “Jews are definitely a race, not a religious belief.” In that same statement, he called Jews an “alien race” and said that anti-Semitism must have the “ultimate goal” of “the irreversible elimination of all Jews.”

Goldberg’s comments were immediately criticized, including by 89-year-old Holocaust survivor Lucy Ripiner.

“Woopi Goldberg keeps using the Holocaust as a punching bag. We told her her comments hurt us and she didn’t care at all. Fake Jewish You’ve been peddling people’s names and you’ve lost to me,” she said. murmured.

Video game director Luc Bernard said Goldberg would have to be forced to “go to the Holocaust Memorial and learn about the Nuremberg Laws.”

“The View” and its network ABC have not released an official statement regarding Goldberg’s latest comments.

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