Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: New teams at the top and bottom

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What a celebratory treat it was!

I had a wonderful Christmas.not quite Hall of Fame tight end cheeseburger Good – but I had a good time.

Santa Claus (Santa Claus in America) Delivered almost everything I wanted. Gifts for children? check. A mince pie in your stomach? check. Always a cup of rum? check.

The only thing Old Nick didn’t quite accomplish was losing the Buffalo Bills. But I’m the type of guy, so one more “Big Red” He’ll give it another try and belated Joe See if he can deliver a Christmas hero in the form of a burrow I want to

Times have changed!

This week’s voters are Ron Kop Jr., Stephen Selda, Rocky Magagna, Jared Sapp, Maurice Elston, Dakota Watson, Nate Christensen, and myself.

1. buffalo bills (Second time)

Two wins since securing the top seed in the AFC.

2. philadelphia eagles (First place)

Thanks to Gardner Minshew for confirming to everyone else what the wisest people already knew. Patrick Mahomes is the 2022 MVP.

3. kansas city chiefs (4th)

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Chiefs played in a quiet, boring game?

Four. Cincinnati Bengals (3rd place)

We are Bengals fans this weekend.

Five. San Francisco 49ers (5th place)

dominant again.

6. dallas cowboys (6th place)

They’re kicking themselves for losing to the Jaguars a few weeks ago.

7. Minnesota Vikings (8th place)

Greg Joseph uses his testicles as a space hopper.they are That big.

8. Los Angeles Chargers (9th place)

Who wants to host the Chargers on a wildcard weekend?

9. Baltimore Ravens (10th)

Tyler Huntley is a Pro Bowl alternate. make it what you do.

Ten. miami dolphins (7th place)

Really Miami? Are you really going through something like this Tua concussion? Sort it out.

11. jacksonville jaguars (14th)

Trevor Lawrence plays the quarterback position like no other right now.

12. new york giants (16th)

They became the latest victims of Greg Joseph’s leg.

13. detroit lions (11 days)

Oh come on!I do not like it this!

14. Washington Commanders (17th)

They’ll want to avoid the 49ers in the playoffs.

15. new york jets (The 13th)

Another team is hanging on the season by the scruff.

16. Green Bay Packers (18th)

From the disaster of the season to the possibility of making the playoffs. It’s a shame to lose again at Levi’s Stadium.

17. Seattle Seahawks (15th day)

Imagine walking around shirtless in freezing temperatures to prove just how “tough” you are.

18. Tennessee Titans (12th) – Biggest loser of the week

They won’t make the playoffs for the first time in a million years.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21 days)

The GOAT is doing the GOAT thing again.

20. carolina panthers (24th) — This week’s high

I badmouthed Sam Darnold last week. We won’t do the same this week.

twenty one. Pittsburgh Steelers (The 23rd)

The Steelers must have seen enough to get a little excited off the pickets.

twenty two. new england patriots (The 20th)

Penny to Bill Belichick’s thoughts?

twenty three. las vegas raiders (19th)

Do it, Josh. Bench Derek. I want to see David Carr cry.

twenty four. cleveland browns (The 22nd)

Mortgage your future (and your soul) for Watson doesn’t seem very wise now.

twenty five. new orleans saints (26th)

See you soon, Dirty Dan.

27. Atlanta Falcons (25th)

Pack it up and try again next year.

28. los angeles rams (32 days)

I faced Cam Akers in this week’s fantasy playoffs. i don’t like that guy

29. chicago bears (27th)

I don’t know why I thought they would help us even for a second.

28. Arizona Cardinals (28th day)

As if JJ Watt would run off into the sunset having just played for the Texans and Cardinals, two of the NFL’s disastrous franchises.

30. Indianapolis Colts (30 days)

Blow it all up.

31. houston texans (The 31st)

For the second straight season, the Texans are doing well in the second half. Is it enough for Lovie Smith to keep her job?

32. Denver Broncos (29th)

Is New Manager Syndrome (soccer/football terminology) an NFL thing?

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