U.S. In for More Severe Weather as ‘Atmospheric River’ Arrives

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Photo of flooded farmland

2022 was a year bad weather packed Around the world, from heat waves and droughts to hurricanes and floods. The abnormal weather will not subside even by the end of December.

The so-called “air river” dumping Heavy rain along the West Coast from Oregon to California. At lower elevations, the water will be raining, but snow will accumulate in the Cascades and Sierras.

Downpours can bring up to an inch of rain per hour, said William Churchill, a forecaster for the National Weather Service. told the New York TimesWestern states can certainly take advantage of the humidity—most of the country (and all of California) some droughtHowever, when precipitation falls suddenly and in large amounts on dry land, other problems such as flash floods and landslides can occur. The NWS has warned that both flooding and debris flows are storm risks this week. especially overburn scars from the west many recent, serious wildfire.

The “deep and fast storm” is already gone 2 to 7 inches Rain in western Oregon and parts of Washington California between Monday and Wednesday mornings.Precipitation in Portland flooded roadAnd coupled with high winds, the storm took more than 100,000 homes off power. of which 60,000 At the time of writing, there is still no electricity.

Atmospheric rivers are expected to pick up momentum again after a brief weakening on Wednesday, bringing more rain along with snow in the interior.

On the other side of the country, heavy rain is expected in much of the Southeast from East Texas to North Carolina to South Carolina from FridayIts projected precipitation is set to hit regions still suffering from the aftermath of 2020. polar vortex An event that plunged most of the country into extreme cold over a holiday least 63 dead The winter storms resulted mostly in western New York, but also in other states such as Missouri, Kentucky, and Oklahoma.

In addition to the deaths, cities in the southeast are running out of drinking water. Pipes and water mains burst due to days of icy temperatures. as originally reported by NPR. Temperatures are starting to rise, and previous freezes are now being replaced by unseasonably high temperatures, an example of severe weather whiplash. But the effects of the Arctic Explosion are still there.

In Jackson, Mississippi, once again under Citywide boiling water notification due to a leak has already failed Municipality of Christmas.Similarly, in Shreveport, Louisiana, many people were left with dry faucets over the weekend, and the city Distributed bottled water to each family on Monday.Mayor of Selma, Alabama declared a state of emergency Over the water shortage brought about by a huge number of broken pipes and leaks. Overall, NPR reported that dozens of southern waters have issued boiling water notices or other advisories related to the cyclone and are associated with infrastructure damaged by freezing.

Although it is not yet known that each of these individual events can be directly attributed to climate change, research suggests that, in general, polar vortex Abnormal atmospheric river It could become more severe as greenhouse gas levels rise.

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