Trump’s federal tax returns are released: Here’s what we know

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Former President Trump has announced that he is donating his salary each year of his presidency. As a nominee for 2016, he gave Leslie Stahl of ’60 Minutes’ a take $1 Year.

In his three years as president, Trump has declared charitable donations “by cash or check” in excess of $400,000 a year as president, although his tax returns do not specify that he did. Not so in one year, the last year of his presidency.

In 2017, he recorded $1,860,963 in cash or check charitable contributions. That year, the White House announced Trump’s first payroll donation. $78,333.32 During his first three months in office, he went to the National Park Service to help fund the maintenance of the country’s battlefields.

A quarter of my salary was donated to a small business management program that helps veterans. Another quarter of my paycheck was spent fighting the opioid crisis.

In 2018, Trump listed donations of $500,150 in cash or check, and slightly more in 2019, $504,700.

In 2020, the number displayed on that donation line is 0.

However, forensic accountant Bruce Dubinski says he can’t tell from tax returns whether Trump actually donated his salary.

“We don’t have a backup schedule to analyze where the $500,150 charitable deduction claimed in 2018 went,” Dubinski told CBS News. If they do, taxpayers will include a detailed list of who the money was paid to.For example, Trump’s 2018 tax return has no such schedule.When he donates the president’s salary to charity I don’t know if he was telling the truth when he said he did.”

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