Trump marks Christmas Day with furious rant claiming the US is ‘dying from within’

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Donald Trump decided against spreading joy and cheers, instead declaring the United States “dying from the inside” because he wanted American holiday greetings on Sunday. selected.

Former Presidents Featured in Recent Articles new york magazine As he pursues a third bid for the White House, a profile that only associates with a small inner circle of aides and advisers faces a swarm of criminal and civil investigations, Mar-a-Lago and remains largely trapped in his other Florida possessions.

These ever-present problems were reflected in Trump’s mood on Sunday morning. Trump cites large parts of the country experiencing cold weather this Christmas, accusing his political opponents of doing nothing more to destroy and especially oppress American society. did. Illegal immigration at the southern border.

“On this very cold but beautiful Christmas day, look at our country on our southern border compared to just a short while ago during the Trump administration,” Trump wrote.

“We had the safest borders in our history, but in contrast to the ‘horror show’ going on now, record numbers of people, many of them hard-line criminals (murderers) , traffickers, and drug dealers) are flooding our country. At speeds never seen before. America is dying from the inside!!!” he declared.

But the former president didn’t stop there. He went on to post a second angry screed minutes later, stating, “Today, more than ever, we are a nation in decline, a nation in failure!”

Trump famously ran for president in 2016 with a promise to build a physical barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border to curb illegal immigration. After the Biden administration took over in 2021, construction and repair efforts continued, but the barrier was never completed.

His rants have been reported by many Trump World correspondents through face-to-face interviews with the president and his supporters, as well as analysis of his public events, which were at least temporarily suspended after the 2022 midterm elections. It was a sign of what had happened. It focused on getting revenge against Joe Biden and others he sees as responsible for his political defeat in 2020.

The ex-president now stands on a more precarious electoral base than ever before. His rivals in the Republican Party have seen his elected supporters Kari Lake, Doug Mastriano, Herschel Walker and others fall flat in this year’s midterm elections, with Democrats retaining control of the Senate and Republicans in the House of Representatives. After almost breaking away from his rule, he smelled blood.

And he will seek to overturn the outcome of the 2020 Georgia election, not to mention an ongoing Jan. 6 Justice Department grand jury investigation and efforts to block the peaceful transfer of power to Biden. His campaign efforts continue to be plagued by criminal investigations.

His company, the Trump Organization, was also recently convicted of plotting to hide executive compensation from tax authorities.

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