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The Opener: Braves, SP Market, MLBTR Chat

With the new year fast approaching, here are three things we see about baseball all day long.

1. Did the Braves hit the salary cap after extending Murphy?

The Braves agreed to a 6-year, $73 million extension that could extend to 7 years, $88 million if the Braves exercised their 2029 club option, bringing one of the best catchers in the game under team control. Lock for the rest of the period. 2020s. However, according to RosterResource, by signing Murphy to the deal, Atlanta realized it was projected to pay a luxury tax for the first time in club history. The Braves were reportedly considering crossing the luxury tax threshold earlier this month, so this isn’t entirely unexpected, according to RosterResource, Atlanta is in the majors after the Murphy deal. It holds his fifth highest luxury tax record. That means he’s already reached the point where ownership has shown him to be a comfortable spend, even though his actual projected salary for 2023 is $198 million. 8th place in Major.If this is the upper limit the club’s budget will allow, Atlanta has Eddie Rosario, Marcel OzunaWhen Jordan Luplow Share time between left field and DH slots (probably Travis Darno DH also chipping). That said, it’s not a team that inspires confidence, so if the Braves don’t want to move beyond the luxury tax, how to cut salaries and open up payroll space for another bat in the left field mix. may be sought in the trading market.Threshold.

2. The starting pitcher market continues to shrink

An already thin free-agent market for starting pitchers lost their best remaining options last night as the Rangers signed Nathan Evaldi Possibly a push move to a two-year deal worth $34 million Jake Odrizzi Once the rotation is complete, go to the bullpen. Eovaldi wasn’t the only pitcher signed yesterday. rich hill He will join the club for the 12th time in his career in 2023 after signing a one-year, $8 million deal with the Pirates. Either they are clear contenders looking for depth like the Dodgers, Padres and Cardinals, or they are teams like the Orioles, Diamondbacks and Angels still trying to fill the rotation. With so many teams still looking for starters, both Eovaldi and Hill landed on teams not considered rock to add another pitcher to their rotation. market. As we discussed in yesterday’s opener, this includes the Marlins, but other teams could jump in to take advantage of the thin market as well. It is rumored that Marco Gonzalez Also Chris Flexen Looking to improve the club in other areas, the Twins and Guardians are among the other teams that can have sufficient starting depth to comfortably handle starters. Still, the free agent market isn’t completely barren yet. Michael Wacha, Corey KluberWhen Zach Greinke remain unmarked.

3. Today’s MLBTR Chat

Did the latest moves this offseason leave you with questions in your head? Looking for answers about where your favorite team is headed? Did I just miss it? Either way, MLBTR’s Anthony Franco Host live chats and answer questions from your readers. You can submit your questions in advance using this link. If you want to see and participate in real time, you can go to the chat via the same link at the start.