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Suspect in Bay Area In-N-Out rant faces hate crime charges

Suspect arrested after video showing racist, homophobic comments and homophobic slurs directed at two In-N-Out Asian customers Officials announced on Monday.

The San Ramon Police Department is accused of verbally harassing Bay Area locals Arine Kim and Elliot Ha, who recorded a viral TikTok video filmed Saturday at a fast food restaurant. A 40-year-old Denver man was arrested Monday after he appeared to portray a person.

“Are you guys filming yourself eating?” a man can be heard asking his friend in the video, which has nearly 14 million views as of Tuesday afternoon. “You are weird gay.”

The recording focuses entirely on Kim and Ha, except for a brief clip where the camera is directed at a man pouring drinks on a soda machine. becomes even more hostile and later threatening.
“Are you Japanese or Korean?” the man asks in the video. “I’m Korean,” Ha replies. “Yeah, I thought so. Kim Jong-un’s boyfriend, right?” “Usually I could spit in your face. It’s Filipino.”

The men are then heard using homophobic slurs. Kim told KNTV that she became uneasy when a man reportedly told him to meet him outside and tried to intimidate them with prolonged stares. Ha added that she was sitting inside the In-N-Out restaurant until closing time and asked the staff if someone could walk her to her car for safety.
“We just happened to handle the situation well, but if it’s someone else, or someone actually wants to fight, or someone is older than me, or someone who’s weaker than me, I don’t know what to do.” “Whatever it is, it’s really heartbreaking,” he told KNTV.

The San Ramon Police Department has opened a criminal investigation following Saturday’s incident. On Twitter, San Ramon Police Chief Denton Carlson called on the public to help identify the suspect. photographed After another person reportedly witnessed “similar behavior” from the individual.
San Ramon Police said in a press release that a suspect was found on Monday and arrested on two counts of committing a hate crime.