Subzero wind chills continue into Christmas Day

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wind chill warning – Valid until noon Sunday in the following counties:
Indiana: Fayette, Union, Franklin, Ripley, Dearborn
Ohio: Butler, Warren, Clinton, Hyland

for the next three days 9 Warning date It’s cold and it’s snowing again.

Merry Christmas Eve! If you’ve dreamed of a white Christmas, you’re in luck, but it’s gift-wrapped in a dangerously cold package.

Cold wind advisories are in effect until noon Sunday for several tri-state counties. The cold winds will continue to be severe, with temperatures expected to drop to minus 15 degrees Celsius in the evening. This is partly due to westerly winds that maintain a breeze around 20 mph. These winds will be mild all night, but as Santa brings those gifts, wind chill may still be around -15° all night. The night continues when the temperature drops to 5°C.

It’s a cold but sunny Christmas morning! Temperatures are mild at 18 degrees Celsius, so there’s plenty of sunshine on Christmas Day. By noon, as the ‘thaw’ begins, some communities will experience wind chill above freezing for the first time in 48 hours. However, it will remain below freezing for the next few days. Winds continue to be brisk, with occasional gusts of 10 to 15 mph from the southwest.

The 9th Warning Weather Warning Day continues until Monday. Another round of snow is likely, making for an even rougher trip. Snow showers are expected to roll in from the west around 6:00 AM, picking up in the morning and easing into the evening. Snowfall can be about an inch or two when all is done, but the problem is that it quickly sticks when it falls due to the low temperatures we’ve already experienced. Expect road delays and backups on Monday.

For those looking for when to thaw, there’s a good sign that Tuesday afternoon temperatures will be back in the high 30s by midweek and in the mid 50s by Friday. There is, but it will arrive when it arrives.

Christmas Eve – Night
mostly cloudy
Wind chill -20° to -5°
Temperature: 10

Christmas Eve – Night
It’s still cold and breezy and feels like -15°
clear the sky
Low: 5

Christmas – Sunday
cold and breezy
Plenty of sunshine!
High: 18

christmas night
the clouds are back
It’s still cold!
Low: 8

snow shower
a little warm
High: 26
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